Riding a bike in traffic...

I started this entry a billion years ago, or so it seems. I had it open on my laptop, vowing to finish it THAT day, then the NEXT day, then the next… but there it sat. Eventually, it became a bit obsolete. What I planned on writing was: “Having a baby again after so many years has been just like riding a bike… except this time around it’s like riding a bike in traffic.” ...more

Birthday Weekend and Four Months

  Wow folks! This week flew by for sure. It was a trying week for both the baby and me. Our sleep patterns have been a mess. I know that there are plenty of books and articles stating that a baby's sleep patterns change but it feels so erratic....more

Because Let's Face It... I'm Making It Up As I Go

My son is nearly four months old. In the past four months I've seen him change from a wide eyed, close fisted newborn to a sweet, little man with his own personality. He's an incredibly good baby and has been sincle birth. These days he's constantly smiling, cooing and waving his hands with excitement.As a first time mom I have no idea what I'm doing and whether or not I'm doing anything right. I wonder if I'm giving him enough tummy time, holding him too much or not holding him enough....more

New Mom: Expectations