Ways to Wear: Red, White and Blue

Hey guys. Guess what? America's birthday is this weekend....more

Prepare for Your 4th of July

It’s that time of year again.The July 4th holiday weekend.  Break out the BBQ, mosquito spray, and sunscreen, because this is the year you’re going to finally get it all together and throw a holiday get together never to be forgotten.Um..but, how exactly do you do that?Well, it starts with the food right?  Let’s move beyond the traditional hamburgers and hot dogs and think of the America of the past—like an America that would use an adorable red and white retro popcorn maker.Guys, there's a crank on it.  ...more

Finding the Perfect 4th of July Outfit

Fireworks, sparklers, lemonade, hot dogs on the grill, and an afternoon by the swimming pool. Nothing says summer quite like a long Fourth of July weekend with your favorite friends and family. You have made your secret potato salad recipe and picked out the perfect spot to watch the evening fireworks, but do you know what you are going to wear? ...more

4th of July Look Book

With Fourth of July coming up this weekend, we decided to do a look book for the holiday instead of our usual ‘What We Wore Wednesday’ post.  We’ve put together multiple looks, using clothing from our everyday closets.  Since we used clothing from our closets and didn’t buy clothing that would only be good for the Fourth of July, these looks can be worn any other day as well.  If you haven’t figured out what you’re wearing yet for the Fourth of July, we hope these looks will give you some inspiration! ...more

NaBloPoMo: Holidays

What's your favorite holiday memory? Mine is actually from our fourth of July celebrations. I can remember when I was a kid, getting boxes and boxes of sparklers to share with my friends. My family would usually have a cookout on the grill and wait until it was really dark before they would let the kids have the sparklers. We'd create fantastic light shows dancing around with our sparklers to mass applause of the grownups. I remember especially the sizzle of the spent sparklers as we plunged them into the water buckets. Ah, summer!...more

A Muck Meditation on Barn Swallows.

  I feel sorry for people who don’t muck. How do they organize their thoughts? Or come up with creative training options? Or share peace of heart with the herd?...more

Celebrate 4th of July with a Local Flair

Dear Fashionistas,...more

Berry Watermelon Cocktail

Happy Monday, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! If you're already dreaming of the holiday weekend, this drink will be perfect for you :) I made a berry watermelon cocktail Friday and we sipped on these all weekend long! They are so light and refreshing and the perfect drink for any 4th of July celebration. These can also be made without alcohol for a light refreshing drink by the pool....more

DIY Painted Flag Mason Jar

Fourth of July is probably my second favorite time of year (you know, after the fall/winter holiday season? :-)).  Something about the family BBQs, beautiful lights from the firework shows, and red, white, and blue EVERYWHERE!  I love it....more