A Muck Meditation on Barn Swallows.

  I feel sorry for people who don’t muck. How do they organize their thoughts? Or come up with creative training options? Or share peace of heart with the herd?...more

Celebrate 4th of July with a Local Flair

Dear Fashionistas,...more

Berry Watermelon Cocktail

Happy Monday, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! If you're already dreaming of the holiday weekend, this drink will be perfect for you :) I made a berry watermelon cocktail Friday and we sipped on these all weekend long! They are so light and refreshing and the perfect drink for any 4th of July celebration. These can also be made without alcohol for a light refreshing drink by the pool....more

DIY Painted Flag Mason Jar

Fourth of July is probably my second favorite time of year (you know, after the fall/winter holiday season? :-)).  Something about the family BBQs, beautiful lights from the firework shows, and red, white, and blue EVERYWHERE!  I love it....more

How To Cut A Watermelon

Yummy watermelon! With Memorial Day and 4th of July just around the corner you're bound to be cutting up a watermelon before you know it! I used to dread cutting up a watermelon and I would usually wait at least a week to cut it up because it was so much work. That was until last year when I learned how to cut a watermelon! If you like to eat watermelon the traditional way (triangle style) this tutorial probably isn't for you. However, if you eat it with a fork you may find this trick helpful :)...more
I hated cutting up watermelon till I learned this trick! Glad you liked it :)more

Our 4th of July - Via Social Media Posts

I think my entire “long” weekend was documented on social media. Well, at least pieces of it were. It all started out on a pretty fabulous note – Wednesday morning I had a meeting at a client’s office and, with the light holiday traffic, arrived 15 minutes early. Which meant: chai latte for mama! ...more

Being American

Fireworks crackle and pop and light up the night sky with brilliant colors. Burgers, brats and beer will be savored and extended families will gather.Our hearts will swell with patriotic pride as we celebrate Independence Day.Proud to be American.Being American and having "family values" seem to be inextricably linked....more

Happy Birthday Kelly, and America

All it takes is 10 inches of natural hair to help someone in need. ...more

Two recipes for your 4th of July barbecues!

Please stop by and visit my kitchen for two recipes that would be perfect additions to your 4th of July celebration. One is a recipe that I learned to prepare from my Dad. It's Buttery Barbecued Steaks and its delicious! The other is a new twist on an old favorite. Twice Grilled Potatoes is the perfect side dish for any get-together and is perfect served with Buttery Barbecued Steaks. The following links will take you to the recipes and I can't wait for you to visit me In my kitchen!...more