this is how we weekend

 well, that was fun! hope you all enjoyed yours and are ready to get after this week. happy monday and helloooooo spring!lucinda....more

Winter Weekends

What to do on a winter weekend?If I were wealthy and had means, I would escape to either a ski lodge or a tropical beach.As it is, I'm at home in Ohio, because my means are limited.So, how to fill up the time on a cold, snowy, winter weekend dat?1. Make Soup - a pot of warm, bubbly, hearty soup is a great way to pass some time. There's a certain amount of pleasure derived from chopping vegetables into half inch bits....more

5 Things To Do This Weekend!

Happy weekend all! Make it a great one. Here is five things to try…Xo, Annie#1 Give your outdoor space a fresh look with new pillows. The more  mixture of patterns and color the better. I love the lavender garden stools. photo via better homes & gardens....more