Spend Less Save More with a Savings Plan for 2014

Spend Less Save More with a Savings Plan for 2014Happy New Year from Spend Less Save More! I hope everyone has had a save New Years Eve and looking for a prosperous new year. I know I am so let’s get started on making that happen with the 52 week challenge if you haven’t heard of the 52 week challenge then it’s time to begin yours.There are a few ways the savings challenge can be done here are the ones I know of you can chose the one that works best for you the point is to save something for emergencies and to ensure that you remain debt free as the year progresses....more

Spend Less Save More: End of the Month Review Where did your money Go?

Today is the end of February with only 28 days this month it sure feels like it’s gone by quickly. Make time to go through your accounts and make a list of expenses and income for the month. Where has your money gone? Did you put money into your savings account?   ...more

Spend Less Save More: Start a Savings Plan

Planning for a stress well let’s say less stressful financial year can be difficult, however these few tips may make the year a bit financially better for everyone. ...more

Spend Less Save More: 52 Week Challenge

This time of year were are all thinking how can we save more after all the end of each year for some ends in a spending spree, stocking up on after Christmas sales. If you feel you need to save more this year this is a relatively painless way take the 52 week challenge. ...more