Milestones Achieved

I am happy to report that I have reached several milestones recently:...more

Get Fido to run a 5K

Does your dog seem a little lazier than usual? Is he lounging around after his evening kibbles? Is her belly a little bigger after the holiday scraps?Maybe it’s time to start training Fido for a 5K. A program called “Pooch to 5K” will get your dog running a 5K (3.1 miles) in just 12 weeks, working out 3 times a week. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday? Sunday, Wednesday, Friday? 20-30 minutes a day? Tape that t.v. show, grab a leash (and dog) and head outside. Here’s a sample of what the program looks like:...more

Psyching Myself Up for Another Race

I am running a 5K tomorrow. You might think this wouldn't be such a big deal for someone who ran a half-marathon just two weekends ago. However, I feel like I haven't trained much, or really at all, since I ran the half-marathon. I had a breast biopsy the week after the half (which I may end up blogging about in the future), so I wasn't able to run for a few days afterward....more

Workouts & a Bonfire

Last weeks workouts were this -workout 15 x 45 strides4 x 1/4 repeats at mile TT minus 5 secondsworkout 24 x 3' out & backsworkout 340-60' alternate 1 mile easy, with 1 mile sub 5k goal 2-3xI was supposed to run tuesday, thursday and saturday. But I got messed up so I got workout 1 done on thursday and that was it. Yeah, not great. So yesterday, I did workout #2 and today started on this weeks' workouts which are...more

Running My First 5K

When I first started running (or attempted to run, rather), I browsed at running magazines, read the stories of obsessions with running races and would quickly put the magazine down....thinking how that didn't interest me and I didn't see myself ever officially running a race.  But the more I read, the more I became interested and wondered if that was something I could actually do.  'What an accomplishment', I thought, 'at my age'...  Not that I'm ancient by any means, but the age group of young people I had been reading about-on blogs and in magazines-are several yea...more

Thanks for the encouragement! It didn't take me long to realize that running 5K's could fast ...more

Time Tag

Yesterday I picked up the official packet for the race on Saturday.  I didn't realize there would be a time tag that you attach to your shoe.  I will really be official.  So exciting and I'm ready for it.  Last week I logged about 13 miles (99% treadmill) and this week I'm off to a good start.  Yesterday 3 miles and today 2 miles.  Tomorrow will be iffy as I may have to stay the night with Daddy and miss workout, but I will have dance I guess.  Tonight I am supposed to weigh in but that kind of depends on if I have to stay with Daddy.  Since the nephe...more

Sharni Montgomery, Running for the Afghan Women's Writing Project

Sharni Montomery is a self-proclaimed couch potato living in -- and blogging from -- rural Australia. Nine weeks ago she decided to get off the couch, spend nine short weeks in training, and then run a 5k. Why? To raise money for the Afghan Women's Writing Project. Sharni made a video for her blog Sharnanigans! to get the word out about her project. ...more

Fantastic effort for a very worthy cause. Well done Sharni!

From Alex

Check me ...more

5K and Butter

I ran my first 5K a couple of weeks ago. For those of you that don't know how long that is, it's 3.1 miles forever long. I've been running in our basement, on a treadmill, at night, to train. As a ran, I watched the food network. Yes, I realize how ridiculous that sounds but really, the pounds of butter, cream and cheese these people use in their cooking is actually motivating. ...more