Andy Rooney Dies at Age 92

It was only a few short weeks ago that Cece watched Andy Rooney’s farewell interview on 6o Minutes.  She was very sad.  Andy Rooney was a fixture in  her TV watching life.  She hoped that he would come back and do periodic pieces for 60 Minutes.  He was such a curmudgeon…complaining about all the things that truly aggravated us …but we never stopped long enough to do anything about.  Remember his piece on the cotton in the medicine bottles?  Why do we have that in there anyway?...more

How Did 60 Minutes Treat the Childfree in 1974? Meet Marcia Drut-Davis

In my search for people involved with the National Alliance for Optional Parenthood (NAOP) that was in existence in the 70-80s, I recently found a wonderful woman named Marcia Drut-Davis.  She was President of the Long Island Chapter from 1974 to 1977....more
Congratulations to Marcia Drut-Davis for winning the 2014 Lifetime Childfree Contribution Award. ...more

Evergreen: Our Memories Never Fade

Sunday night on 60 minutes, Cece saw a piece about people who had fantastic memories.  The piece was called “The Gift of Endless Memory.” The show detailed how several people could remember things that happened any day or any year that they had been alive.  They said that they saw it in a picture in their mind. These were people with normal intelligence and were not considered savants.  One was the actress Mary Lou Henner....more

President Obama's interview with Oprah

Oprah interviews President Obama and his wife Michelle for a Christmas special on ABC....more

Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer Are No "Newsmommies"

Someone has actually coined the phrase "newsmommy." Yes, you heard me. Newsmommy. ...more

Have people who sell stuff for profit ever been more desperate than they are right now, just ...more

The Subprime Mortgage Crisis Turns Criminal

If you're following the news coverage on today's primary elections in Florida, you've likely noticed that the subprime mortgage crisis is one of the big issues for voters in the Sunshine State. According to the Washington Post, Florida has the third highest foreclosure rate in the nation. Of course, Florida's crisis is reflected in spiking foreclosure rates across the country that have spooked financial markets around the world. ...more

It's amazing that the notion that lenders have a fiduciary obligation to their clients is not ...more

Roger Clemens Speaks

Following the release of the Mitchell Report in December, people have been clamoring for Roger Clemens to speak out and tell his story. On Sunday he did, talking to “60 Minutes’” correspondent Mike Wallace for what amounted to about 14 minutes of airtime. Did Clemens come off as clean? I don’t think so. ...more

It's 1991 All Over Again: The Thomas-Hill controversy returns

When Associate Justice Clarence Thomas was nominated to the Supreme Court, back in 1991, his supporters wove a narrative about him that emphasized his character, intelligence and education, instead of more traditional qualifications such as experience before the Court or on the bench. Thomas had only been a judge for 18 months before the nomination, and had run two federal agencies and worked as a Congressional aide before that. ...more

You make a good point, Maria -- the Sanders verdict came down as I was preparing this post. ...more