Daily 80's Throwback- Blondie "Heart of Glass"

Okay so technically, Blondie's "Heart of Glass" was ac...more

Take Me Back To The 80’s

If time travel were possible, I would have a time machine take me back to the 80’s. I wouldn’t go back permanently, bt taking a vacation to that decade would be fun. I’d bring back a lot of souvenirs…not that I’d need many, since I think I still have some memorabilia stashed at my parent’s house! Just kidding, I’d be bringing tons of souvenirs back with me. I wouldn’t miss that opportunity!...more

Eight Thing We NEED To Bring Back From the 80's

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Semi True Jen Oh Jake Ryan, yes!more



Spring Trends 2012: You Can Take the Girl Out Of The 80s But You Can't Take the 80s Out Of The Girl

I’m a child of the eighties. The eighties in Los Angeles. A Valley Girl through and through. So it makes perfect sense to me why women, myself included, are stacking bracelets and watches the way we do - it’s like jelly bracelets and Swatch watches and friendship bracelets all grown up. Like, totally....more
I was a teen in the 80's and loved the clothes.  They were so much fun!  I would love to pick ...more

Back to Basics and The 80's

Yesterday on October 10, my lovely husband had a surprise for me.  As I sat in the bed, posting thank yous’ to the many birthday wishes on my android, all of a sudden the opening song of Jem blasted out of the TV.  My head snapped up so fast and I was dumbstruck!  I couldn’t believe it.  I had been wishing Hub would put Jem on since Transformers and GI Joe had been revamped – I thought it only fair to put the full lineup on and here it was – on ...more

Mary Ann, Claudia, Stacy and Kristy

It's baaaaack....more

I wrote about the comeback too and had to regretfully admit that I was more like Mary Ann (I ...more

Welcome Back, Kotter

So I knew things were going to bad this season when I saw the preview for the Target Juniors fashion lineup (okay, I didn't really see a preview - I just saw it in the store - whatever). I suddenly had flashbacks to my days as a charm-bracelet-wearing punk goddess in big shirts, leggings, and jelly shoes. Someday when I actually hook up a scanner to my computer, I'll have to share the glory that is my 2nd (3rd?) grade picture. Just know that whatever wait there is before I post it, it will be truly worth it....more

Soundtrack of My Life

Ever since I had that flash back session a couple of weeks ago, I've been on this quest to get my hands on old school slow jams from the 80's and 90's. I dug through all my old CD's, spent hours on Google searching for "80's love songs" and "90's hits", and got a little too download happy with iTunes. As I found song after song from my past, the memories came flooding back like a mo fo. Memories I had long forgotten about. ...more

So Much Baggage You Need a Bellhop? Join the Crowd

In the 60's and early 70's, I sported a hippie wanna-be look. In retrospect, the look was a bit clownish. Afterwards, during the 80's, I wore – in public, mind you -- tight leggings with an oversized shirt. Even today I cringe when I view photographs of my hairstyles from the early 90's. What was I thinking? My grown children laugh uncontrollably when I tell stories about the “old days.” Bad clothing choices, weird jobs, and strange antics. Did I really do that? The past has a way of mixing embarrassment with a good dose of laughter. ...more

Sometimes pain is pain, and no amount of wisdom can make up for the fact that you hurt, and ...more