The People You Meet

Life can be funny. Gifts comes in strange places. Support is all around. Friday afternoon, I tweeted about TGIF, and about my favorite day of the week when I enjoy a nice dinner with my family, a good glass of Cabernet, and 20/20 (my favorite). However, this Friday night didn’t quite turn out the way I had planned. These things always happen to us for some reason. We often have these emergencies, which in the end, turn out to be nothing serious, but scare us just the same....more

September 11, 2009

New York strikes me as a City of low simmering kindness. It's not overt by any means. My brother tells a story about taking the subway in New York. The first time Clay came to visit me in the City, he decided to take the subway to my apartment in the West Village. He was standing in the middle of a busy station holding a map. According to legend, a young man was running past on his way to work. Without breaking stride, he asked my brother where he was going. "Christopher Street," Clay said....more

Please Help - Project in the Works!

Fellow Bloggers, I am undertaking a personal research project that I hope will turn into a published work of some fashion.  I'm asking anyone and everyone for help. I would love to hear from people about their memories from 9/11 - just anything. Where you were, what you were doing, what your thoughts were, etc. If there are any bloggers that were around for WWII or have family members that experienced that, I would also really really love to get feedback about their memories of Pearl Harbor or the war events and also of 9/11. ...more

Hillary Clinton, Gary Sinise, Gavin DeGraw and Others Commemorate Service on 9/11

Last night at the Beacon Theatre in New York, there was a tribute to commemorate the designation of September 11 as an annually observed National Day of Service and Remembrance, as proclaimed by President Barack Obama.  Co-hosted by MyGoodDeed and Service Nation, the evening was a mix of speeches and entertainment. There were musical numbers by singer Anjulie, The Harlem Boys and Girls Club Alumni Choir, John Ondrasik, a rousing number by The Roots and a performance by Gavin DeGraw.  In the audience were 9/11 families, members of service organizations, uniformed firefighters and soldiers. ...more

Hi Maria,

Yes it was incredibly moving.

Like you I hope that the words turn into ...more


Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, please stop for a moment and remember what happened in our country eight years ago today. I know it’s tempting simply to proceed with our daily lives. We have not been attacked at home since September 11, 2001, and we are all so busy. And unless you make a point to tune into one of the televised memorial services today, you might make it through the entire day without even realizing that anything is amiss. ...more

Memories of That Morning

by Patricia Yarberry Allen September 11, 2001 ...more

Fallen Towers, Broken Hearts

It is easy, with a handful of years behind us, to say that on September 11, 2001, everything changed. It is easy to look back and see ourselves shifted into shadow and grief as though in that one horrible moment, something black crossed in front of the sun. And for some it is true, it was an instant between fine and not fine, between blissfully complacent and angry with fear, between the world being a boundless universe of wonder and the world collapsing into the space between our bodies and our television sets. ...more

for this post that sums up so much of what I cannot say.  When I had to surrender a pair ...more

The Sheer Power of Silence

Silence has the power to shake us at the core.  It also has the power to allow us to tap into the deepest and most important pieces of ourselves so we create our life, our business, our careers, our relationships, and our every single precious day in a way that is meaningful.  Eight years ago this Friday, 9/11 created a powerful hush that moved many to make lasting changes in their lives.  For others their proclamation of change fell by the wayside as emotions were forgotten or buried on the way back to status-quo because fear or complacency took the driver's seat. ...more

A form of silence I love is the silence at a sporting event when national anthems are ...more

9/11: Too Easy to Forget and We Can Help Remember

It sounds trite to say that we must never forget September 11, 2001.  It is trite I guess -- the kind of trite that comes when something is so true that there aren't enough ways to say it.  And of course that's what this is - we can't forget 9/11 - not really.  Sadly though we can let it become just another day like Veteran's Day where people sigh, think for a moment and move on. ...more

This is a great topic! I also just heard about the 9/11 Day of Service initiative. It's another ...more