13 Songs My Parents Probably Shouldn't Have Let Me Listen To as a Kid

I was driving in my car yesterday, and the song "Dead Bite" by Hollywood Undead came on the radio. I adore this song. It's catchy, the beat is awesome, and I'm constantly finding myself singing, "Good night, sleep tight, Don't let the dead bite." That's when Hubby informed me that the song is about one guy hunting down and killing another guy, and possibly mass murdering many others. Dammit, I liked that song. No more playing it around the kids, that's for sure. ...more
Hmmm, I allow my children to listen to the radio, and listen to some songs that are a little ...more

90s Girl Groups We’d Love To See Make A Comeback

Since SWV has made a comeback, it got me to thinking about other girl groups that I missed from back in the day. You know the girl groups from the 90s that made all the songs that came to mind when you were mad with your man or those songs that made you remember why you were so in love with your boo.Here’s our list of top 5 girl groups from the 90s we’d love to see make a comeback:...more
Awww man! This brings back so many memories! I used to love SWV, Escape, EnVogue...all of them! ...more