The Faith of a Child and How I Choose to "Never Forget"

I opened up my Facebook this morning and suddenly remembered. It is September 11th. As I scroll through my news feed on Facebook, I am reminded of that horrible day as Bob the Builder blares in the background. I see pictures of horror, and I see simple statements from friends like, “never forget”. I see tributes to first responders and soldiers, and I see others posting their typical political rants including pictures of top politicians with the words liars in big letters....more

9/11: When Should I Tell My Kids About That Day?

Both of my kids were asked to wear red, white, and blue which begins two weeks of “wear this color for this/that day.”  Well, we all know why they are being asked to wear the colors which symbolize our country.  Today, is the anniversary of 9/11.  The day I personally will never forget....more

Boatlift - A Film About 9/11 That You Probably Haven't Seen (And You Should)

Did you know that the largest maritime evacuation in all of recorded history took place on September 11, 2001? Boatlift is a short film narrated by Tom Hanks, and it tells the story of the ordinary people who volunteered their boats and their service to evacuate half a million people off the island of Manhattan....more


Tomorrow Jerri's Empty Nest will go dark in observance of 9/11.  Please join our fellow Americans in the moment of silence tomorrow morning.  Hug the ones you love and tell them you love them.Love,Jerri...more

Running with music: to listen, or not to listen

For the first time in ages, I ran with music yesterday. I did not enjoy it. Also, check out some pictures from NYC!...more
 @Darcie I hear ya! I was followed out of my neighborhood park after a (not so smart) night run ...more

Beautiful Morning: A New Memory of 9/11

September 11, 2001.  A beautiful morning; not unlike the one that greeted me today as I left for work.  It soon became the morning when many of us were glued to TV sets, online streaming news, and radio broadcasts while we watched and / or listened to frightening and shocking events.  I remember that day well:  Wondering if my Mom or any of her friends had been injured in Washington, D.C.  The silent scream that rose from the pit of my gut as I watched the towers fall.  The utter confusion after seeing the Pennsylvania crash site.  An over-crowded tarmac a...more

Where Were You - Hating the 'Quiet' After 9/11

Painting by Jane F Beebe @Copyright Jane Finn BeebeThat’s the question every is asking today. It’s been 11 years.We are still in a war in Afghanistan.We have troops all over the world.Airplane travel is not what it used to be....more

Remembering the 343

The fire department has been a huge part of my life - at least for as long as I've known my husband. He became a firefighter when he was 18 so that's all I've known with him....more

Remembering the Sky

In the end, it is the sky that day that haunts me. A sky so purely, brilliantly, heartbreakingly blue. Cloudless. Endless....more

9/11 And The Field Of Dreams

We lay snuggling in my bed, our nightly ritual after bathing, putting on jammies, reading and discussing the school day. I’d put her brother to bed a few minutes before her, then we snuggled in under the big comforter and she picked a subject for us to discuss – another ritual. The sky is the limit, and the only caveat is time: ten minutes to be exact. Then I put her into bed with a kiss and an ‘I love you’ and a promise to meet up with her in my dreams that night. The night before we’d decided to meet in Egypt, to see the pyramids together....more
This is beautiful. Thank you.more