9/11: Talking with your kids about terrorism

Parents prepare for certain questions when their children begin elementary school.My husband and I were no different, role-playing routines for the inevitable “Where do babies come from?” and “Who is this Santa character?”But, nothing prepared me for a most serious inquiry.“Mommy, do you know what happened on September 11th?”...more

The Faith of a Child and How I Choose to "Never Forget"

I opened up my Facebook this morning and suddenly remembered. It is September 11th. As I scroll through my news feed on Facebook, I am reminded of that horrible day as Bob the Builder blares in the background. I see pictures of horror, and I see simple statements from friends like, “never forget”. I see tributes to first responders and soldiers, and I see others posting their typical political rants including pictures of top politicians with the words liars in big letters....more

9/11: When Should I Tell My Kids About That Day?

Both of my kids were asked to wear red, white, and blue which begins two weeks of “wear this color for this/that day.”  Well, we all know why they are being asked to wear the colors which symbolize our country.  Today, is the anniversary of 9/11.  The day I personally will never forget....more

Boatlift - A Film About 9/11 That You Probably Haven't Seen (And You Should)

Did you know that the largest maritime evacuation in all of recorded history took place on September 11, 2001? Boatlift is a short film narrated by Tom Hanks, and it tells the story of the ordinary people who volunteered their boats and their service to evacuate half a million people off the island of Manhattan....more


Tomorrow Jerri's Empty Nest will go dark in observance of 9/11.  Please join our fellow Americans in the moment of silence tomorrow morning.  Hug the ones you love and tell them you love them.Love,Jerri...more

Running with music: to listen, or not to listen

For the first time in ages, I ran with music yesterday. I did not enjoy it. Also, check out some pictures from NYC!...more
 @Darcie I hear ya! I was followed out of my neighborhood park after a (not so smart) night run ...more

Beautiful Morning: A New Memory of 9/11

September 11, 2001.  A beautiful morning; not unlike the one that greeted me today as I left for work.  It soon became the morning when many of us were glued to TV sets, online streaming news, and radio broadcasts while we watched and / or listened to frightening and shocking events.  I remember that day well:  Wondering if my Mom or any of her friends had been injured in Washington, D.C.  The silent scream that rose from the pit of my gut as I watched the towers fall.  The utter confusion after seeing the Pennsylvania crash site.  An over-crowded tarmac a...more

Where Were You - Hating the 'Quiet' After 9/11

Painting by Jane F Beebe @Copyright Jane Finn BeebeThat’s the question every is asking today. It’s been 11 years.We are still in a war in Afghanistan.We have troops all over the world.Airplane travel is not what it used to be....more

Remembering the 343

The fire department has been a huge part of my life - at least for as long as I've known my husband. He became a firefighter when he was 18 so that's all I've known with him....more

Remembering the Sky

In the end, it is the sky that day that haunts me. A sky so purely, brilliantly, heartbreakingly blue. Cloudless. Endless....more