Nothing bugs me more than people trying to convert me to Jesus.'s not THAT dramatic. I don't want to offend anyone. I'm GLAD you have Jesus, if you do. I'm GLAD you believe and have faith and it is everything to you. I'm GLAD that you have found what you needed through Jesus Christ. I mean this in the most serious way, without an ounce of sarcasm. If it fills up your life and makes you a better human, than I am grateful you have it. ...more

The 12 Steps of Getting Over A Break-Up

Imagine that -- working the steps in every area of our lives including a devastating breakup. This is what keeps us sober and clean and sane. And really the whole relationship experience will be for naught unless we learn something from it, yes? Yes. Let's work our way through this. ...more
This is another great 12 step program and comes with community. So ...more

Learning to Trust Your Mind Again

As I've gone about my daily life these past 38 (even though I still feel 27) years, there's been something going on I wasn't aware of, an undercurrent within my own life which I didn't feel pulling me down. ...more

Well I found you at The red Dress Club, CWO, The Lazy Christian and now here. I'm really not ...more

Friends Are Forged in a Different Furnace Than Lovers

It's hard to make that space when someone you love is in danger. It doesn't matter what the danger is, the immediate response is to rush to them, pick them up, take them away and find a way to make everything fine. That's friendship. No questions. By land, air or sea, one word and friends are there with a .45 and shovel. ...more

Empowerment in the Face of Admitting Powerlessness in Addiction

My name is Alexis and I am an Alcoholic.  These are not easy words to say, nor have they been easy to say for the past 18 months, but they are words that have kept me alive & sane.  Each journey begins with a single step and the journey of recovery is no differerent.  Today I thought about the element of admitting that I was powerless over alcohol.  I don't have a problem with admitting that I had a "problem" with alcohol, that it controlled me and that because of it I have made some awful choices.  I did however take issue with the term powerless....more

Bless you Lexie, for being brave and committed. The voices will try to tell you you are worth ...more