Thinking Back

I recently received a comment on a post from nearly 2 years ago (CSAAC and Making It Work), asking about what I thought of working with CSAAC (Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children) as they are preparing to look into their services for their son. So, I decided to write a "Way back when...." post looking back to where Rachel (and I) was then and where we are now......more

Revisitng ABA

Did I ever mention how we're tried just about every therapy out there?  ABA, RDI, OT, CBT, Speech, Beyond Consequences -- you name it, we've tried it.  Yes, we're THAT desperate.Did I mention we were also utter failures at just about every one?  I was just ready to give up and commit myself to the funny farm when we were awarded a grant to do some behavioral therapy with Big Brother.  Not one to waste an opportunity, I enlisted the help of the autism treatment center where he did his summer camp and after-school program....more

Autism, Your Child, and Amusement Parks ...

Does your child find amusement parks overwhelming? New blog entry ...  ...more

Different Treatments - Different Kids?

Parents fighting over treatments on Twitter?? What works for you may not work for others ...     ...more

New Entry - Myths about ABA

New Blog Entry - Myths about ABA  ...more

Autism Spectrum: So many questions…looking for the answers

Towards the middle of my undergraduate career, I began to become increasingly aware of autism and the challenge presented to countless children and families to unlock the mystery behind the diagnosis. I recall reading Barry Kaufman’s Son-Rise. As I remember, the book spoke from a perspective of integrating one’s self into the world of the child with autism and slowly drawing him or her into the greater world over time. ...more