Voyage as Rite of Passage: Why Abby Sunderland's Parents Were Right

Last week, the web was rocked with news that Abby Sunderland, the 16-year-old who was circumnavigating the world alone, had gone missing. Immediately, the response from parents the web over was to criticize her parents: "who would let their teen do such a crazy thing?" I would. My parents did. My question is, "who wouldn't?" ...more

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I can't really get a toehold onto your anthropological examples. All the societies ...more

Balloon Boy, The Sequel? Bloggers React to Abby Sunderland's Dad's Reality Show Connection

When Abby Sunderland was adrift in the Indian Ocean, her plight made headlines and bloggers buzzed about the ethics of the situation. How young is too young for epic adventures? Why would parents let a child barely legal to drive a car attempt to sail around the world? As Dr. Helen blogged, are Abby Sunderland's parents negligent or noble? Possible answer? Greedy. ...more

On the reality show, God forbid we should see children willing to stretch their minds and bodies ...more

Teenage Sailors, Circumnavigating the Globe

Teenage sailor Jessica Watson will sweep past the halfway mark of her solo round-the-world voyage today under the watchful eye of her parents.--Brisbane Times ...more

I'm with you, Sassy, on Laura Decker, though I'll acknowledge we don't have the complete ...more