The ABC's of Being an Adult

Growing up we learn certain lessons, usually taught to us through music and puppets. Lessons like “Don’t run with scissors”, “Sharing is caring”, and “Don’t grab the dog’s tail because he will bite you…are you crying?…did you grab the dog’s tail?…You did…well I told you he would bite you…are you bleeding?…well maybe next time you’ll listen…Tracy, did you just grab the dog’s tail again?…go to your room…no, leave the dog here.”...more

Why the Silliness of 'Galavant' Is Maybe Not the Worst Thing Ever

There are two ways to do a musical series on television.One is to set the musical aspect in a world where characters have a legitimate reason to spontaneously break into song. Shows like The Partridge Family, Fame, Glee, and Smash all took advantage of that trope, having their characters perform at any and every opportunity. ...more
I admit, I have a "sassy" sense of humor and just love this! I thought this show was just a ...more

ABC only

Today's Nablopomo asks If you could be a cast member on any television show, which one would it be? Tell us about your character.I would not be on NBC. I am not a Friends type of gal and I am not a CSI type of gal so I would be on Dynasty on ABC but not as one of the main characters..more like the office assistant to Blake or Alexis. I would have a long career and be fabulously dressed sans shoulder pads and bad wigs....more

Scandal Watch DC Video Promo Invite- Washington, DC

 {You're Invited} #ScandalWatchDC | 10.10.139p-12aJin Lounge2017 14th St NW | WDC Special Guest: Fashio...more

'Switched at Birth' Airs All ASL Episode: A Quiet Pioneer on ABC Family

In casting a mix of deaf, hearing and hard-of-hearing actors — as well as showcasing silent scenes between characters communicating in sign language (subtitled for hearing viewers) in every episode — the show is a technical and cultural pioneer. This week, Switched aired an all-ASL episode, something the network says has never been done before on scripted, mainstream television....more I agree, SweetBird, there arent' many good TV show to watch, in my opinion, ...more

ABC's "Nashville": A Little Bit Country and a Whole Lot of Drama

Nashville premiered on ABC television last Wednesday at 10pm.  If you’re anything like me, you had to be begged or bribed to watch it because of the title.  It’s not that I dislike country music.  In fact I love country folk and bluegrass and even some alt country.  Nevertheless, I never “got” the Southern ambiance, and I wondered if this series would make any sense to me.  I once spent a year attending school in Knoxville, Tennessee and let me just sa...more
@Rita Arens  That makes two of us!  She's my new television hero, that's for sure.more

No reviews Monday or Tuesday(Update--Or Wednesday)

So I have crunched the numbers and looked at the different views for the reviews that I have posted and I have decided to do reviews of the more popular shows. So I will be reviewing New Girl on Tuesday, Wednesday will be The Middle and Modern Family (I will start the Modern Family review this week for the first time which I anticipate will be popular) Also starting Wednesday I will try out a review for American Horror Story to see what kind of views that gets. Thursday will be Glee (comes back in November) and I will debut a review of Vampire Diaires as well as continue The Office....more

Once Upon A Time: "Broken" Review/recap

Where We Left Off: To recap the entire season of Once Upon A Time would probably take me the entire day and make this the longest recap ever, so I will just do a mini-recap of what happened at the end of the season. After Henry eats the poisoned apple turnover (thanks to Regina who had given it to Emma) he is rushed to the hospital where they can't figure out what is wrong with him (it's like it is a magic) and Emma finally believes. She confronts Regina and she admits that everything is true and that they are all fairy tale characters....more

Primetime Emmy's 2012 (Live Blog)

So tonight I decided to live blog the 2012 Emmy Awards hosted by Jimmy Kimmel on ABC. If you plan on watching later and don't want to be spoiled then don't read this just yet but if you are like me and the temptation of who won, what was said etc.. then please sit back and relax :)...more