The Bachelorette: A Rainbow Connection

For last night’s episode of The Bachelorette (did I mention it’s the 8th freakin’ season?) Chris Harrison had to break it down for the guys so they’d know what they signed up for: (1) there are 2 one-on-one dates up for grabs, (2) if you get a one-on-one, you must pack your bags because you might not get a rose/return to the house, (3) not everyone will get a date, (4) yada, yada, yada…  As if people don’t know the rules by now....more

DWTS: Is It Over Yet?

Is it over yet?  We’ve made it to the Semi-Finals.  Finally!!!   A dream of mine was nearly realized Monday night – Derek almost bit it on his way down the stairs.  Bummer for me!   The final four performed two dances and, according to the hosts, it’s the most closely matched semi-finals in DWTS history....more

The Bachelorette: Emily Maynard is Back - Did You Watch?

Welcome to the all-new, “dramatically different” season of The Bachelorette!  Um, not really, but nice try, ABC. Sure, the show is filming in Emily’s hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, but this isn’t the first time a single parent held the title role (Jason Mesnick, anyone?) This may be the first time that the child wasn’t shipped somewhere while mommy/daddy went lookin’ for love in a McMansion, but it’s not the first time ever....more
I had to do a double take on this--Emily Maynard is my birthdaughter's name!more

DWTS: Double Eliminations, Threesomes on the Dance Floor and Little House Goes Lifetime

And then there were six.  I mean four.  It’s a double elimination week.  Damn, I hate math....more

The ABCs of OCD.

is for Alcohol wipes containing at least 65% ethyl alcohol. To be used at least every time you touch anything. Ever. ...more

Dancing With the Stars Week 4: Half Pint Hits Her Head, Gene Simmons' Tongue, and Little Richard Stops By

Apparently you can’t miss one episode without someone getting a concussion or breaking a foot.  And I thought there wasn’t enough material to sustain a season of snark – ha! Forgive me, dear readers.  I’m back.Week 4 was Rock Week, brought to you by KISS  - because nothing says “ballroom is sexy” like five sexagenarians in face paint.  Nice going, ABC.  I’m pretty sure you’ve alienated your core demographic with that one....more

Dancing with the Stars Week 3: Who's Crying Now?

If you missed the first 6 minutes of Monday’s show, don’t worry, because nothing happened.  The “stars” walked down the stairs.  (spoiler alert: nobody fell!)  Way to milk it, ABC....more

If I had $$ I'd buy....

Blog Directorygive 3/4 of it to the aspca. but then maybe peta. they could stop e emailing me stuff that i think about for days and daysgive stuff to wtmd for calling in and requesting neko case over and overgive $$ to the roland park library so i could get a computer at 330 when i get off of work and all the kids are on em after school...more

What I Learned from the Season Premiere of "Dancing with the Stars" (Hint: Not much.)

Wow, we’re at season 14 already?  Who would’ve thought America would embrace a ballroom dance show with D-list celebrities?  I say D-list, because I have no idea who at least four of these contestants are, and haven’t thought about three of them in the last 15 years....more

The Bachelor Is Finally Over (Until May).

And there was not one surprise element in the two-hour finale, or the “After the Final Rose” special.I’m not sure if I’m so nauseated because I have a bad cold with mucus pooling in my stomach or if it’s the train wreck that was this season.  Probably the latter....more