GCB: Who Are The Real Mean Girls?

When I mentioned on my blog and on twitter that I couldn’t wait for GCB to premiere on ABC, I was inundated with people asking, mostly accusing, “Don’t you know what it stands for?”Well, yes, I know what it stands for, and yes, I set my DVR....more
i watched the first two minutes and could not get past the BAD acting. it did seem very ...more

The Bachelor by the Numbers: Ben's Head is "Very Confused."

Yes, it’s true.  Ben’s head is very confused.  He even admitted as much four times during tonight’s episode.  That’s what happens when you think with the WRONG one.  But, alas, Ben seems destined for heartbreak again.  After last season’s disastrous proposal to Ashley, you’d think he’d have figured out that he should take his “decision” and do the exact opposite....more

The Bachelor by the Numbers: Swimming with sharks, and Courtney wasn't even present!

I should’ve known from the opening shot of a butterfly spreading its wings in Belize that this episode of “The Bachelor” would be heavy on the cheesy metaphors.  There were at least seven that I counted.  Between Lyndzi’s “jumping out of a helicopter into the ocean is like love – you take a leap of faith” to Courtney’s “each step (up the Mayan Ruins) was like a step in our relationship” — it was a little much....more

Bachelor by the Numbers: There's No Crying in Baseball!

Week 5 finds the Bachelor and his harem in Puerto Rico.  There are two 1-on-1 dates up for grabs, and a group date, the latter of which consists of a baseball game.  The clue for the mystery date read: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”  Lyndzi, who is about as coordinated on the field as Bambi learning to walk, said (rather unconvincingly),”These diamonds are way better than the sparkly kind!”  Yeah, right.  I didn’t buy it either.  The winning team won a beach date with Ben....more

The Bachelor by the Numbers: Week Four

Tonight’s episode is brought to you by Park City, Utah – where a man can take 8 women on a group date and nobody bats an eye.Thirteen women started the evening, but only 11 were there for the champagne toast at the end of the episode.  It was kind of a boring episode in that nobody needed medical attention and/or had a major meltdown....more

The Bachelor is Still Ridiculous...

I wasn’t going to write about “The Bachelor” because enough ink has been spilled on this topic over the last ten years but I have to break my silence.  After three “at the end of the day”s in 15 minutes during episode one, I had to bring out my reporter’s notebook and really break things down.  After Alex, Aaron, Andrew, Bob, Jesse, Byron, Charlie, Travis, Prince Lorenzo, Andrew, Brad, Matt, Jason, Jake, Brad (again), and Ben…only one marriage has resulted from this (and it was to the runner-up, not the original girl Jason gave the final rose to)....more

TV Shines a Light on the Dark Underbelly of Suburbia

Two vastly different television series have premiered this fall with a common theme.  Both Suburgatory (ABC comedy, Wednesday nights at 8:30pm) and American Horror Story (fX drama, Wednesday nights at 10pm) give us a peek at the weirdness lurking on the other side of those manicured suburban lawns.  Suburgatory has more bullies, vamps and psych...more
I think that my father would have joined watching the show with your Dad too. Sounds like his ...more

Who Will Win This Season's "Dancing with the Stars" Competition?

Have you been following ABC's Dancing with the Stars series this fall?  The passion, heart break and glory under the mirror ball has been a relentless roller coaster.  Who do you think will be the winner this season?  Do you have a special favorite? Were you shocked when Chynna Phillips got kicked off?  Did you cry when J.R. dedicated his dance to "If You're Reading This" to the men and women in uniform?...more

I love Rico Rodriguez -- so Adorable

(photographed: Mark Snyder, CMO of Kmart with Rico Rodriguez) ...more