Just When Reality TV Was Starting to Pi$$ Me Off

I am not much of a reality TV watcher. I find the Bachelor/Bachelorette nauseating, and yet I have to work not to even get a GLIMPSE, or I will mindlessly watch it and yell feminist mantras at the television. This has happened several times in a seedy-no-channel-having hotel on a work trip and all bets were off. I feel bad for my hotel neighbors, listening to me yell "Don't do it!!" and "Run, RUUUUN!"... ...more

I might have to watch The Secret Millionaire.

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The Celebrity Couples We'd Like to See At the 2011 Oscars

By Krissy Dolor for Cupid's Pulse...more

Men Moderating The View for the First Time in 13 Years: Does Barbara Walters Know About This?

For a 13-year-old show, The View is all over the news this month. Star Jones, who left the show in a whirlwind of drama a few years ago, is reporting that she's writing a dishy novel that skewers female talk show hosts. Then the show caught press this week when ABC pulled The View's advertisements from Perez Hilton's website after he published a link to a controversial photo of Miley Cyrus with her skirt in the wind. Now The View is stirring up more buzz, by breaking open their brand in a bizarre way: the formerly female-led panel is manning up to broadcast the dude point of view. ...more

I think sometimes on some issues the male view comes in handy, but I'd prefer them to bring them ...more

The "Lost" Finale: It Ended The Way It Began, Brilliantly!

Well, it ended the way it began. Lost," one of the most ambitious, mind bending and exciting shows ever on television ended by being true to itself and its characters. Frustrated viewers be damned. Personally, I loved it! Though I'll be honest. I had to watch the show all the way through, then spend the next hour going back through all the flash sideways scenes. And then, spending the next half hour playing back the last fifteen minutes, twice. ...more

Hi Ramon,

That's a nice thought, that you remember the last conversation you had with the ...more

Big and Beautiful or Just Beautiful?

MomsenseNYC I felt like I just had to write a post about the recent Lane Bryant ad that has been pulled from ABC and FOX. The new ad features a plus sized model showing off Lane Bryant’s new line of sexy lingerie called Cacique, strutting her sexy stuff. This woman is beautiful. She is gorgeous. If I were a guy I would F-her. So, what’s ABC and Foxes problem with this ad?...more

A Flashback to "Flash Forward" and "V"

ABC's freshman sci-fi shows, "Flash Forward" and "V" have been missing in action since before Christmas. Since "Flash Forward" returns with a two-hour relaunch tonight and "V" returns on March 30, let's take a look back, shall we? ...more

The two hour relaunch of "Flash Forward" took about a 1/2 hour to kick in but once it did, it ...more

One More Reason I Hate The Disney Corporation

I am not a big fan of the House of Mouse. As a stepmother, I bristle at the stereotype they foist upon me.  I take issue with ABC, and their news coverage.  My kids are basically  banned ...more

Friday Updates

Hi Ladies,...more

Lost My Mind Over Lost

  Countdown to Lost Season Six Premiere! The sixth season of Lost premieres tonight February 2, on abc, at 9 p.m. – with a recap from last season at 8p.m.  It has been a long 8 months, 2 weeks, 5 days, and some hours, minutes, and seconds, since the season five finale of Lost.  The season five finale entitled The Incident, took my breath away, and left me and thousands of other Lost fans aching for more. ...more

Did Adam Lambert Go Too Far on the AMAs? Nah!

Dear Adam, It's me, Megan.  You know, I write those "Idol Chit Chats" over at Megan's Minute.  We met briefly in New York right after you lost the American Idol title to that other guy, Allen what's his name.  You were so nice and sweet.  But you weren't showing off that sweet side the other night on the American Music Awards, were you?  Simulated man on man oral sex!  Man on man open mouthed kissing!  Right there on the live ABC stage!...more

You're right about it being kind of like a teenager trying to get their parents' ...more