Forgiveness and Why You Shouldn’t Hold A Grudge

“What they did was unforgivable”…..”They have to apologize first”…..”They ruined my life”…… Do any of these statements sound familiar as words you’ve once uttered?   My blog today is about the power of forgiveness, a force so strong that it will release the negative energy that weighs you down and leave you feeling lighter and freer.  Forgiveness is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself and I am going to explain to you why....more

Let's Make a Deal: Trade Your Aging Soap Opera Stars for What's Behind Curtain #1!

Television can be an odd friend to those of us who spend time at home during weekdays. The elderly, the ill, third-shift workers, SAHMs, the unemployed, telecommuters, part-time students: we're a disparate audience, and we are sometimes lonesome. Daytime television can be a friendly voice to break the monotony, a connection to the outside world, or a grown-up friend to those home with young children and in need of words for their adult brains. Ellen and Oprah. A soap opera or movie. A recipe or home project demo. ...more

I began watching "my stories" in 7th grade.

Days of Our Lives to start and by high school, I ...more

Don't Take Me to Cougar Town: ABC's Sitcom Isn't Worth Trying to Look Past an Atrocious Name

Weeks before premiering, Courtney Cox's new ABC comedy has already pulled in a big award: Worst Named Fall Season Network Television Show. Cougar Town is a title you have to claw through before you can find out if the show is worth watching.  ...more

And why, from the point of view of the person they date, is an older man seen as a benefit to ...more

Diane Sawyer's Dream Job. What It Really Says About The State Of Network News

Avuncular she is not. Not so sure that she is "materteral" either. And even if she were, no one is going to say it because materteral is not as much fun to say as avuncular--the beloved adjective used for the past several decades to describe the relationship between television news junkies and the anchors who deliver the news. ...more

I firmly believe  if the nightly news programs were not on a fatal decline, Couric and ...more

Fall 2009 TV Preview: Stars, Stars and More Stars!

Julianna Margulies, Patricia Heaton, John Lithgow, Keith Carradine, Christian Slater, Jenna Elfman, Kelsey Grammer, Chris O'Donnell and L L Cool J. All these stars and more are coming to your Fall 2009 TV screens. If the concept of a year round TV season is like an all you can eat buffet, plentiful but with few memorable morsels, then fall is still when the network chefs trot out their best cuisine for viewers to sample. ...more

How nice of you to explain this to me!!!! Thanks!


ABC Soap "All My Children" Moving From NY to LA

I started watching ABC's soap opera "All My Children" when I was kid.  Like so many of my friends, I watched because my grandmother watched and my mother watched. That was in the days of generational soap opera viewing.  I've since moved on to other shows and other past times, but I still have a soft spot for what used to be appointment TV in our house.  In fact, soaps were "must see TV" long before some PR person came up with the phrase. That's why when ABC Daytime announced last week that  "All My Children" will be moving from its original home in New York City to Los Angeles by the end of the year, I couldn't help but feel a twinge of nostalgia.  ...more

The soap takes place on the east coast and characters on the east coast would not have tans ...more

On The Prowl

There definately seems to be an increasing interest in the older woman-young man relationship, as of late. While some actresses like Susan Sarandon and Goldie Hawn have been with their younger men (Tim Robbins and Kurt Russell, respectively), have Madonna and Demi Moore made it even more acceptable? Desirable, even. ...more

The 2009 Network Upfronts: What You'll See On TV This Fall

The last couple of weeks you might have been hearing about the television network upfronts.  For those of you who may not know that's when the networks hold meetings with the press and advertisers to announce their new shows for the fall/spring/summer TV seasons and allow the advertisers to buy time "up front."   So here's a look at what's coming to your TV sets this fall. ...more

See zombies don't have nearly the same sex appeal as vampires.  That whole brain sucking ...more

"Grey's Anatomy" Finale Roundup (Major Spoilers)

ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" ended their fifth season last week with a finale chock full of romance and angst. There was Izzie Steven's in her beautiful prom dress in that Great Grey's Elevator of Death, seeing the doors open to reveal George O'Malley, all decked out in his army uniform--007, licensed to kill.  Or in this case, be killed.   George and Izzie--both flatlining. Will either of them live to return to Seattle Grace this fall?  Only Shonda Rhimes and the lawyers negotiating their contracts know for sure. ...more

Jenny and John together?  Among other things you'd probably end taking home some great Mayer ...more

Media 101: Who Owns What in the TV World

If you wanted to boycott a particular TV network because they canceled your favorite show, odds are it might be harder than you think.  Take Fox's show "Dollhouse."  It's one of those "on the bubble" shows and last week my fellow CE Sweetney posted a plea to Fox not to cancel it.  In the comment thread, one angry viewer, Bambi, threatened to boycott Fox and watch Hulu instead if "Dollhouse" gets cut.  I had to give her the bad news that watching Hulu wouldn't hurt Fox in the least, because Hulu is partially owned by News Corp, which also owns Fox.  ...more

That kind of information is only important to people who think more deeply than ...more