Michelle Obama Enjoys "The View:" A Recap

Michelle Obama, wife of Senator Barack Obama and potential First Lady of the United States had her toughest test of the whole campaign this morning.  No, she didn't go on Fox News Channel. She co-hosted "The View." You Can Read This Entire Post At Megan's Minute.  Megan Smith is a BlogHer Contributing Editor covering TV/YouTube.  ...more

Hi Victor,

I'm a little confused.  I'm not quite sure if you're glad about how Michelle ...more

Family Meal Planning

  Planning meals for a family can be quite a challenge. But when you get the kids involved, the culinary world is your oyster. Take a look at our guest appearance on ABC's View From the Bay a few months ago - my kids and I share two recipes that we enjoy as a family: Polenta Bean Pies and Pear Ginger Crumble. ...more

The Bachelorette Reminds Me Why I am Single

Did you see The new Bachelorette, DeAnna, the other night? ...more

showdown in the corral tonight!

If you're like me, you may have forgotten that Barack faces Annie Oakley on ABC tonight at 8P Eastern Time. ...more

"Oprah's Big Give" A Review

I'm a huge Oprah Winfrey fan, make no mistake about it.  I think she's an inspiration, a role model and done very much more good in the world than bad. But that doesn't mean I won't call her goddess-like butt on the carpet if I think she's messed up.  "Oprah's Big Give" is one of her rare mess ups. ...more

Bottom Line -Oprah got me thinking what I could do to change lives and improve the situations ...more

"Lost" Recap: "Confirmed Dead" (2/7/08)

This episode was all about the new characters in the land of the Losties.  Naomi was backed up by a Fearless Foursome who came to the island to supposedly rescue the survivors of Oceanic 815, but as we find out in this episode, that wasn't their only mission. We start in a flashback with a shot from a camera on a remote controlled submarine, on the ocean floor, off the coast of Bali.  The controllers are searching for gold doubloons or something when they come upon "the wreckage of Oceanic 815."  A "wreckage" that's complete with bodies. The sub controllers are stunned and before you know it, the news is flashing on television sets and newspaper front pages around the world.   Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies), is watching a television report about the finding of the "wreckage" and inexplicably crying.  When his wife asks him why, he says he doesn't know why.  I sense a nut job in the making.  And considering Davies played Charles Manson in a TV movie a few years ago, he's running true to form. ...more

I discovered this new show.


"Desperate Housewives" Recap: Welcome to Kanagawa (1/6/08)

Well contrary to popular reports, namely my own, "Something's Coming" was not to be the last new "Desperate Housewives" episode to air during this strike tainted season. This episode, "Welcome to Kanagawa" is. Rumor has it, it was partially finished when the writers walked out, and was completed during the strike. Read This Entire Post At Megan’s Minute ...more

The TV Junkie’s Strike Survival Guide

It's the eighth week of the strike by the Writers Guild of America against the movie and television studios---or as David Letterman likes to call them the "cowards, cutthroats and weasels"---and things are starting to look dire for dedicated TV junkies. The holidays are over, the families have gone home and TV junkies everywhere will be feeling the withdrawal effects of no fresh episodes of their favorite shows any day now.  It'll start when you find yourself clicking your remote channel after channel and finding nothing but lame game shows and even lamer reality shows.  Your chest will tighten, your breathing will come fast and shallow and you'll break out in a cold sweat. There's no "24," there's no "Grey's Anatomy," there's no "House," there's no "CSI!"  Don't panic.  It's TV Junkie Withdrawal. ...more

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"Desperate Housewives" Recap: You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover (11/11/07)

"D" is for "Desperate Housewives" and tonight "D" is also for "deception." Mary Alice tells us, "Victor Lang was not above using deception to get what he wanted." From donors, constituents or the press. Yo Mary Alice. He is a politician after all. But now because of Edie's pictures, Victor knows Gabby is good at deception too. Gabby comes home and immediately gets a call from Carlos. He wants to know if they're really through. Gabby's like, considering you hid that $10 million from me, yeah, I'll stay with the deceptive politician, thank you very much. My favorite line? Carlos calls Victor a "chicken-lipped albino." Heh. Gabby ditches Carlos's call because Victor comes into the room. She says she was talking to Bree but as soon as Gabby leaves the room he checks and knows she was talking to Carlos. He asks Gabby to go with him out on his boat for a delayed honeymoon. Just the two of them. Uh oh. Gabby, being the greedy little thing she is loves the idea. But it's a mistake because as Mary Alice tells us, "What Victor Lang now wanted, was revenge." Opening credits. Read This Complete Post At Megan’s Minute ...more