"Desperate Housewives" Recap: Welcome to Kanagawa (1/6/08)

Well contrary to popular reports, namely my own, "Something's Coming" was not to be the last new "Desperate Housewives" episode to air during this strike tainted season. This episode, "Welcome to Kanagawa" is. Rumor has it, it was partially finished when the writers walked out, and was completed during the strike. Read This Entire Post At Megan’s Minute ...more

The TV Junkie’s Strike Survival Guide

It's the eighth week of the strike by the Writers Guild of America against the movie and television studios---or as David Letterman likes to call them the "cowards, cutthroats and weasels"---and things are starting to look dire for dedicated TV junkies. The holidays are over, the families have gone home and TV junkies everywhere will be feeling the withdrawal effects of no fresh episodes of their favorite shows any day now.  It'll start when you find yourself clicking your remote channel after channel and finding nothing but lame game shows and even lamer reality shows.  Your chest will tighten, your breathing will come fast and shallow and you'll break out in a cold sweat. There's no "24," there's no "Grey's Anatomy," there's no "House," there's no "CSI!"  Don't panic.  It's TV Junkie Withdrawal. ...more

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"Desperate Housewives" Recap: You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover (11/11/07)

"D" is for "Desperate Housewives" and tonight "D" is also for "deception." Mary Alice tells us, "Victor Lang was not above using deception to get what he wanted." From donors, constituents or the press. Yo Mary Alice. He is a politician after all. But now because of Edie's pictures, Victor knows Gabby is good at deception too. Gabby comes home and immediately gets a call from Carlos. He wants to know if they're really through. Gabby's like, considering you hid that $10 million from me, yeah, I'll stay with the deceptive politician, thank you very much. My favorite line? Carlos calls Victor a "chicken-lipped albino." Heh. Gabby ditches Carlos's call because Victor comes into the room. She says she was talking to Bree but as soon as Gabby leaves the room he checks and knows she was talking to Carlos. He asks Gabby to go with him out on his boat for a delayed honeymoon. Just the two of them. Uh oh. Gabby, being the greedy little thing she is loves the idea. But it's a mistake because as Mary Alice tells us, "What Victor Lang now wanted, was revenge." Opening credits. Read This Complete Post At Megan’s Minute ...more

A Rant About Oprah's Favorite Things 2007

Yesterday I listened to a rant from my good friend Legal Eagle about Oprah's "favorite things" show. She was royally pissed because she's been trying for ages to get any ticket to an Oprah show much less for the favorite things show. As Oprah says---with only a hint of exaggeration---it's the "hottest ticket in television." Oprah took this year's show to Macon, Georgia as a thank you to her viewers there. According to Oprah, when her show is on in Macon, a whooping 45% of televisions are tuned in. Eagle's like, "I'd like to go to the Oprah favorite things show. I'd like to go to any Oprah show! You know how many times I've been online trying to get tickets? It's impossible! I need an LG refrigerator with an HDTV in the door! I need an HD video camcorder and a pretty little Kitchenaid Mixer!" Read This Complete Post At Megan's Minute. ...more

Dana Delany On "Regis & Kelly"

Cross Posted At Megan's Minute. Katherine Mayfair herself, Dana Delany made an appearance on "Regis & Kelly" this morning. The ABC publicity machine has been in overdrive, keeping their "Desperate Housewives" and "Grey's Anatomy" stars busy on the ABC interview circuit of "The View" and "Regis." Last week Teri Hatcher and Marcia Cross were on "The View," Eric Dane and James Pickens, Jr. appeared on "Regis," and tomorrow Dr. McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey will sit down with Reege as well. I guess ABC thought since the actors aren't working because of the writer's strike, they should at least be working to publicize the few shows in the can that will air during the final days of the November sweeps. ...more

"Desperate Housewives" Recap: Now I Know, Don't Be Scared (11/4/07)

Let me begin this recap by sending a big ol' shout out to the members of the Screenwriter's Guild who are walking the picket lines. If I could, I'd send you some Krispy Kremes and Starbucks, but instead, I'll send you my good wishes. Hang tough guys and gals! It's Halloween on Wisteria Lane. Bob and Lee, the new gay couple on the block are planning a party and in spite of all that unpleasantness about a certain "work of art," they're inviting all the neighbors. But first, Mary Alice needs to tell us a little tale about Edie as a girl. It seems she was a scaredy cat and since all the neighborhood hoodlum boys knew that they got a big kick out of scaring her. Spiders, frogs, snakes, you name it, as long as it made her scream. Many, many, many years later, in present day, Carlos knew the only thing Edie was afraid of was him leaving her for someone else. So to keep her from screaming, he tried to ditch her when she wasn't home. He failed. Edie questions him, confronts him and threatens him. But Carlos is firm. So Edie demands the truth about why he's leaving. Is it for someone else? Like your ex-slut of a dipstick, two foot tall wife, Gabby? Carlos: No. Mary Alice tells us, Edie had been forced to face her worst fear, so she thought Carlos should have to face his as well: the IRS. Opening credits. Who's the winner of the tackiest Halloween decoration contest on Wisteria Lane? Why it's the new neighbors on the block, Bob and Lee. You would think with all that spare "art commissioning" money they have lying around, they could buy some classy decorations, but their front yard looks like a yard sale at the Munster house. Read This Complete Post At Megan’s Minute. ...more

"Desperate Housewives" Recap: Art Isn't Easy (10/28/07)

This week Wisteria Lane becomes suburbia's version of a war zone. It all begins when Bob and Lee decide Wisteria Lane needs a touch of the Museum of Modern Art. So in their front yard they install a sculpture. As Mary Alice tells us, it took workmen three hours to assemble the piece, but "sadly, it only took fifteen minutes for the residents of Wisteria Lane..." ...more

Ten Television Shows You Should Be Watching

Now that my self-imposed mourning period for the end of "Damages" is over, I'm ready to move on. It took several days of meditation and sleep to finally surface from my immersion in the world of Patty Hewes, but I've done it. Over the weekend I was able to catchup with all the shows I've been neglecting, and for those of you who love entertaining, quality television, I came up with this list of shows you should be watching. New season? What new season? Interesting how my list doesn't have any new shows on it, or any shows on NBC for that matter, but what can I say, I'm sticking with my tried and true. And be warned, there are plot spoilers a plenty. Read This Complete Post At Megan’s Minute. ...more

"Desperate Housewives" Recap: If There's Anything I Can't Stand (10/21/07)

All kinds of pests are featured in this episode. And man, they cause all kinds of problems. Remember how I said last week I was liking Susan Mayer a lot more this season? Well this week was the return of Stupid Susan, the one I don't like. Also this week, Queen Bree was exposed by ex-mother-in-law Van De Camp (Shirley Knight). Gabby, Carlos, Edie and Victor all shared something they wish they didn't. Two of them know about it, two of them don't. And we're treated to the funniest "putting two and two" together moment I've seen in a long time. We begin when Kat's aunt, Lillian Sims returns to Wisteria Lane in an ambulance, on a stretcher. As Mary Alice tells us, many thoughts run through an old woman's head when she comes home to die. Like, if she'll see her husband in heaven. Once Lil's settled in, Kat is all smiles and the solicitous niece as she hands Lil a little silver bell to call her whenever she needs anything. Read This Complete Post At Megan’s Minute. ...more

Let the Blogging Begin by Stormi Willis

Let the Blogging Begin by Stormi Willis Well, thank you Jeannie, Dawn, and ABC for giving credibility to blogging. My good friend, that would be Jeannie, (and avid reader of the newspaper articles and small Magazine I design, write, and occasionally publish free to the public when we can afford to print it) saw Dawn’s story on ABC News. Knowing me, she called and said, “This is for you, it is what you were born to do.” Don’t you love when rhymes slip out like that? ...more