What to Do if Accosted on Street and Dragged by a Man

The video of Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, 22, being grabbed on a street corner and forced along a sidewalk to her assailant’s car gripped the nation, bringing more attention than ever to how easy it seems for an unarmed man to abduct a woman.There are things a woman can do to help prevent such a situation, as well as break free and bolt to safety before the assailant can get her into his car....more

Amber Alert GPS: Say Hello to Smart Affordable Child Locators

The AmberAlert GPS, is "The Intelligent Way to Keep Families Connected and Safe", today unveiled an infographic that explains how Smart Locators make it easier for families to stay connected and protected. In the course of raising a family, over 90% of parents will at some point lose track of a child....more

The Loss of Jorelys Rivera and the "Possible, Not Probable"

This past weekend in a little city called Canton, just north of Atlanta, 7-year-old Jorelys Rivera, was snatched -- in broad daylight -- from her apartment complex’s playground while in the care of a babysitter as her mother rested after working a nightshift. Then she was sexually assaulted and murdered. Her beaten body was shoved in a Dumpster. A special kind of trash can that compacted debris. She was found after a two-day search. The experts will tell the parents of Canton that what happened this past weekend to Jorelys is “possible not probable.”...more
I think it odd that not a single family member of the accused showed up for his first court ...more

Two little boys, all alone.

I was at the post office today when a young man came in carrying an infant car seat. While waiting in line I saw him smiling at the baby and making the occasional funny face. What a loving father, I thought. As I got into my vehicle I saw two little boys, aged about 3 and 4, in the adjacent vehicle. One of the children caught my eye and smiled. The car’s windows were rolled down. No adult was in sight. I started to back out of the parking space — and then pulled forward once more. It just didn’t seem right to leave two kids unsupervised....more

I sometimes worry that I come across as a paranoid parent, but I feel like it is only paranoia ...more

Jaycee Dugard – Hell On Earth and Resilience

I have been fascinated with the Jaycee Dugard case since the media ran with it many weeks ago. A small, beautiful, innocent child, being held captive for 18 YEARS. Eighteen years, much of it spent in a backyard tent and shed that resembled something out of a horror movie. But it didn’t end with an eighteen year captivation. Raped over and over again by her kidnapper, she mothered two children in the process, Angel now 15, and Starlit now 11. ...more

We Are Mothers Before Workers


There are only 115 kidnappings per year

Like it or don't, here are the facts: ...more