The Secret Life of Sojourner Truth

I wanted to write about the anniversary of Sojourner Truth's "Ain't I A Woman?" speech. As I started my research, I discovered that she had lived for many years in a Utopian community not far from where I was raised and now live. And there wasn't one whisper about it during my entire school years here. She had two historical stripes against her where history books were concerned -- she was black, and she was a woman. ...more

I appreciate the heads-up about these books. Thanks for the comment!


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Frederick Douglass on Women's Rights: “Right is of No Sex”

In honor of Black History Month, I thought it was only appropriate to remember a man who stood alongside women in their fight for equality for almost half a century. That man was Frederick Douglass. ...more

Blogging Women: A look at our historical roots

Before I came to BlogHer, the term mommyblogger meant nothing to me, even though I'm a mother and I blog. I was shocked that there was so much vitriol directed at women for whom motherhood was a focus for writing. It's perfectly logical that mommybloggers would be a political force, just as they are a marketing force. ...more

I wonder how many blogher bloggers would compete with me in term of presenting issues related to ...more