What Happened To Delores Dawn? The Missing Native Woman Was My Family

My aunt had adopted a beautiful Métis child, only to lose her in later years, finally declaring her missing....more

Discovering the essence of Treaty 7 and how it relates to all Canadians

Actress Michelle Thrush in a scene from The Making of Treaty 7 world premiere...more

Wab Kinew: Early vision shapes life mission of advocacy and inspiration

(First written and published in Alberta Native News, March 2012)A young man from Winnipeg is garnering national attention with his efforts to improve the lives of Aboriginal people in Canada.Wab Kinew, an Anishinaabe, CBC TV Journalist, activist, and also an award winning hip-hop artist is moving and shaking up the perception of our nation’s first peoples....more

Sh*t Canadians Say to Aboriginal Women

[Editor's Note: The stories of Native American (or Aboriginal Canadian) women never seem to get enough coverage by the mainstream media. This video is worth a watch. --Grace] ...more
Ugh.  Just ugh.  I didn't realize this was such a problem.more

Famed Native Rights Activist Murdered, Grandson Charged

It is sad to lose such a great woman but she left a legacy which will become part of history ...more