VIDEO: Disturbing Ads Blast Chile’s Strict Anti-Abortion Laws

In Chile, an abortion of any kind or for any reason can mean a prison sentence of up to five years.And a new ad campaign is offering gruesome advice to women seeking to end an unwanted pregnancy in Chile: the “accidental” abortion....more

Why I'm Saying "God Bless Texas"

The first reason? Because it will probably make the "Hail Satan"-chanters really, really upset. Heheh....more
@Wranglerdani You cannot ignore the shaming or blame "passionate about our cause" if you truly ...more


An on going debate...very emotional issue.

There seems to be a theme. An issue that never goes away, or might fade into the background for a few fleeting moments, just to emerge again, with more vigor. A member recently created a debate on our website, I very emotional stance. One that requires a look in the psyche of the American public. How does abortion affect people in the long run. Psychologically does it create a lasting effect on that person's life and relationships....more
Hello there, Beth! I was reading this, this morning as it seems to be a wonderful way for people ...more