The GOP is having lady problems. In their wisdom, the right wing has decided that women aren’t irked about the whole voting against the equal pay act and/or the infringement on their personal autonomy up to and including birth control. Nope. Them lasses just need to be approached correctly to get them to vote Republican....more
UniteWomenWA Wary12 GOP BettyFokker why not beat us over the head with a club and drag us by our ...more

Women Who Choose Abortion Have Feelings, Too

Fourteen years ago, I sat bawling hysterically in a women's health center. My lower stomach had been cramping for about three weeks. I thought I was just ovulating, and that it was normal....more
That's why I don't want men debate or decide what women should do. Thank you for writing about ...more

Rhetorical Fallacies and Lies

Let’s talk about rhetorical fallacies for a moment, shall we? There is a mess of them, and they can be lumped into three main types of crap: emotional fallacies, ethical fallacies, and logical fallacies. The Far Right distortion machine is still cranking out fallacies in every category about something Melissa Harris-Perry said last July. ...more

The Abortion of Sisterhood

7.07.2013THE ABORTION OF SISTERHOOD      OK People.     I've had it.     I know that this blog is usually 'Pleasant' and hopefully funny, and maybe just a tad interesting, but I've just HAD IT!...more