The year 1999 was full of promise, despite the famous lyrics. And while most folks were scurrying around trying to predict any fallout from the "Y2K problem," Margie was busy trying to make her dreams come true.  Her job in advertising sales was quite fun, though not lucrative, thanking the Universe for the child support she received from her son's father. The local station was owned by a major broadcasting corporation, and seemed to be drowning in cash - a far cry from the tiny station she had begun working at in Portland....more

Jesus Recruits Sarah Silverman to Spread his Word on Abortion


Marking Roe v. Wade: Where Do You Stand on Abortion Rights?

A snow storm closed area schools for two days, but that didn't stop busloads of people from braving the weather to head down to the Mall in order to affirm and protest abortion rights on the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade. ...more
dancingwithmyfather  AMEN!more

Texas Contentious Abortion Law Headed to Supreme Court

A Texas abortion law seems destined to wind up before the U.S. Supreme Court, starting with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday hearing arguments from both sides of the controvesy on whether the law forced the closure of about a dozen clinics....more

Reflections of 40 - The Realist Blog Post That I Will EVER Write

Today I turned the Big 4-0! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, The Sexy Single Mommy is 40 years old.  I know...I know, it is hard to believe seeing that I look so young and all but as the saying goes, "Good Black don't crack" plus it's in the genes ( I get it from my Mama!)...more

Abortion: The Controversy That Must End

I will make this clear before I go on to explain anything else: the GOP is incredible. The Republican party is what this country needs. Their wonderful, patriotic view of the United States of America has pulled me out of anxiety and has caused me to become a strong young woman. I have met so many people as a Republican and as a Teen Age Republican I have learned how to make the United States the best place on Earth to live, even at such a young age. ...more

When did protecting women mean taking away their choice?

Look, Texas, I love you. I might not have been born and raised here, I might not even have really even liked living here when I first moved here (who really enjoys 100+ heat in the summer?) but this is my home. I know that this is still a very Republican state and as a Democrat my voice is not very loud or even likely to be heard. But let me take the time to tell you that you have got to stop trying to limit my rights as a woman. ...more
Good article and I liked the last paragraph:) However, I don't think people will start talking ...more

I Went to the Texas Capitol In Support Of Women's Rights

Something seriously interesting is happening at the Texas Capitol. On the heels of last week’s 11 hour filibuster by State Senator Wendy Davis, over 5000 people took to the statehouse to protest the special session called by Governor Rick Perry to vote in the controversial bill severely limiting access to abortions in the Lone Star State. ...more
Dani, believe it or not, I had a girlfriend who didn't know she was pregnant until she was 5 ...more

The Difference Between Women and State Legislators is One of Us Understands the Meaning of Autonomy

Oh you silly state legislators. Are you feeling OK? You’ve had a busy couple of weeks. Maybe you should lie down. Frankly, you seem a bit fuzzy and confused. Are you sure there is enough oxygen in that chamber of yours? You know, the chamber we the people pay for.I only ask because you seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time working to limit the rights of your constituency, specifically the females.(The females are the ones who are about to kick your asses, by the way)....more

How the Abortion Debate Is Used to Divide Women

"Women have the great power  and honor of growing our future humans, giving life and birth to them. That kind of power must be wielded with dignity, self respect, and the knowledge that we have had the ultimate power all along. Oppression and inequality is only temporary. The day we realize our collective strength, is the day it ends."...more