Ask Planned Parenthood Prez Cecile Richards About Election 2008!

A few weeks ago, it occurred to me that reproductive rights were not a priority issue for women this election year. This insight struck me while I was in a writing class with nine other (mostly liberal) women in prime childbearing years (20s and 30s), and I was the only person who mentioned that repro rights were among the three issues I considered most important in this election. I wondered what this meant. ...more

Henry Morgentaler Awarded Order of Canada, Abortion Debate Re-opened

On July 1, Canada Day, Governor-General Michaëlle Jean's list of inductees to the Order of Canada was announced. It's usually a pretty ho-hum affair which "recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation" and really not that exciting unless you actually know someone who is receiving it. This announcement was anything but boring. On the list was one name that caused Canadians to lose their collective minds - Henry Morgentaler. Words that come to mind when people say that name range from life-saver, to murderer, to abortionist. ...more

Trying to condense the history into a paragraph or two was a bit of a challenge!


Why I'm not Writing a Check to Obama Today

I was planning to attend Barack Obama’s big fundraising reception in New York tonight and make the maximum contribution to his campaign, but I have torn up the invitation. My decision isn’t about the money, though the thought of writing a check for $4600 for anything other than a mortgage payment or two takes my breath away. It seemed that important to do my part to prevent the 100% anti-choice John McCain’s election and a de facto third Bush term. ...more

What a putz.

Yes, I'm breaking out the Yiddish on this one: ...more

Why having a child made me even more pro-choice

When our son was born, my husband and I were in a fairly good place. We had been together for three years, were fairly OK financially, we had some relatives living close by who were willing to lend a hand with the baby. We had just weathered a spot of adversity and were in a fabulous place in our relationship, connected, loving, strong, intimate. We thought of ourselves as kind, intelligent, patient people who were well-equipped to provide a stable and loving home to a child. We felt as ready as we would ever be for a child, and we wanted very much this baby that I was carrying. ...more

I always got confused with the labels pro-choice and pro-life. It always seemed to me that ...more

The Trouble With Sex in America

The Trouble With Sex in America Sex is alive and well in America. You never have far to look far to find it. Our society is saturated with it. Movies, magazines, billboards, t.v. shows, advertising, even Disney pop stars reek of it. And yet, in spite of the proliferation of sexual imagery and activity, America still attempts to maintain antiquated, puritanical sexual ideals. ...more

Judicial Appointments or Elections

A truly interesting and extensive piece appeared over at the MAINstream Coalition's blog today that discussed an upcoming ballot initiative in Johnson County, Kansas that would move county judges from being appointed by a panel to being elected by the public. ...more

Who talks about abortion?

I often wonder why people say the things that they say. I think about the discussion on abortion and I think its like beating a dead horse. People disagree with this idea, but it makes sense to me. My reasoning is that if you take someone who is pro-life and someone who is pro-choice and let them begin a conversation, it will most likely end the same way, EVERY time! ...more

Mothers Day Blogswarm for Maternal Death

The ArchCrone and the ShortWoman are proud to announce a Mothers Day blogging event called the Mothers Day Blogswarm for Maternal Death.   ...more

Pro-life? Pro-choice? Pro-Saving women's lives? Here's how we can work together

Have I told you lately how much I love how smart this community is? Here's what I'm on about: Over the weekend, BlogHer community member Valiens of A Brain Like Mine blogged great questions about the BlogHers Act fundraiser to save women's lives: "I'm wondering whether the women's health care available in any given country is able to provide birth control in any meaningful way, and I'm wondering what the general attitude and practice is among the providers in the various countries about abortion....I'm also wondering if any of the organizations being supported are specifically political in nature, or in support of, or being supported by, political organizations, and which ones they are, and what their mission statements propose. Again, this could be an important factor regarding donations. Transparency is most desirable.On top of that, I'm willing to say I have some potential donors who would have questions about vaccinations, AIDS treatments, religious involvements...more" I love Valiens' questions because it gives me an opening to talk more about BlogHer's philosophy for our BlogHers Act fundraiser, and why we chose to work with GlobalGiving to support five projects we deliberately selected with an eye to exactly the issues she raises. Here goes... ...more

This is exactly the information I was hoping for! Thanks so much for being so thoughtful in ...more