Walking the March for Life for the First Time

I'm a 42-year-old pro-life mom, but I'm not the activist type. This year for the first time, I walked in the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C....more
@Shellireads Just saw your comment. You might like to see a photo essay that appeared on my blog ...more

Why I'm Pro-Life (Put Away Your Labels)

I'm getting ready to break one of my own blogging rules.  I'm going to talk about one of the three forbidden (by me, anyway) topics.  I feel like maybe I should put some sort of disclaimer on here, but the fact is I believe wholeheartedly the things I'm getting ready to say, and I'm not going to start by offering conditions or exceptions to keep from offending someone.I'm going to talk about abortion, and why I am against it....more

Roe v. Wade 40th Anniversary: Suggested Reading

By Anna Platt and the Feminist Press, cross-posted from On The Issues Magazine.Complaints and Disorders (Second Edition) by Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English ...more

Female Feticide Is Not A Thing

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about “female feticide” lately.First of all, there was this Toronto Star article, published back in April, about the six GTA hospitals (all in areas with large South Asian populations) that won’t reveal the baby’s gender to parents because of fears of “female feticide”....more

Dear Richard Mourdock: Keep Your Superstitious Hocus Pocus Off My Body Nov 1

I’ve been meaning to write this for the past week, but have been moving into a new place and haven’t had time. Needless to say, Richard Mourdock, the combination of religion and government, and bodily autonomy have been pretty much non-stop on my mind. Elections are coming up on the 6th and I think it is important that we all have the information we need to make informed choices....more

Two Stigmas Preventing Full Reproductive Freedom

As Election Day approaches, Roe v Wade remains the law of the land, but with a Republican victory and an aging Supreme Court, this law may very well be in jeopardy. ...more
This is a very interesting article. While I am parent, it never occurred to me that ...more

Fellas, MYOB about abortion already!

Listening to a lengthy discussion of abortion by local candidates for Congress on local radio, my mind started to reel....more
@ColleenDick It is my understanding that before the issue of childbearing became an issue (was ...more


I was raised evangelical "born-again" christian and raised with a fiercely "pro-life" point of view which I kept long into my adult years, after I converted to Wicca and came to follow the calling of my heart with the Goddess.  All of my family remains "born again" and as fiercely pro-life as I was as a teenager -- before I knew there were other religions besides Christianity. ...more

This Is Not My Canada

The Conservative government wants you to believe that they’re not interested in re-opening the abortion debate. They want women to think that they have no intention of infringing on their reproductive rights. The carefully-worded Motion 312 assures you that they aren’t looking to criminalize abortion, they just want find “medical evidence” to determine when a fetus becomes a person....more

The Racist Roots of the Pro-Life Movement

Most people probably think of abortion as being a fairly modern convenience, and imagine that the pro-life movement has probably been around for quite some time. For one thing, people who are pro-life often cloak their message in the Biblical idea of thou shalt not kill, and, you know, the Bible has been around for like forever. With that in mind, it wouldtotally make sense for anti-abortion sentiment to have been rampant and widespread for the last couple of hundred or even thousand years.Except that it hasn’t been....more