This Is Not My Canada

The Conservative government wants you to believe that they’re not interested in re-opening the abortion debate. They want women to think that they have no intention of infringing on their reproductive rights. The carefully-worded Motion 312 assures you that they aren’t looking to criminalize abortion, they just want find “medical evidence” to determine when a fetus becomes a person....more

The Racist Roots of the Pro-Life Movement

Most people probably think of abortion as being a fairly modern convenience, and imagine that the pro-life movement has probably been around for quite some time. For one thing, people who are pro-life often cloak their message in the Biblical idea of thou shalt not kill, and, you know, the Bible has been around for like forever. With that in mind, it wouldtotally make sense for anti-abortion sentiment to have been rampant and widespread for the last couple of hundred or even thousand years.Except that it hasn’t been....more

Mitt Buys Surrogate With Abortion Clause, But No Backbone

Mittens may be richer than your average bear, but if the past two weeks of lackluster campaign coverage have taught us anything, it's backbones are hard to come by -- even for men with friends in high places....more
This isn't the first time a Republican candidate advocated choice for his own family but no ...more

An Inconvenient Abortion Truth

On August 28th, the 2012 We Believe in America Republican Platform was approved. It supports a human life amendment to the Constitution, which would ban all abortions, even in the case of incest and rape....more

GOP Platform: Anti-Abortion, No Exceptions

Once again, the GOP is preparing to add an anti-abortion plank to its official party platform that will be announced at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next week. According to CNN, a draft of the platform includes: ...more
Extreme is that abortion is promoted as choice for any reason what so ever.  Let's leave rape ...more

Akin to rape

I am not one to jump on pop-culture or political hate trains, but every once in a while something happens that is too important not to address. It wasn’t a week ago that Sean and I were talking about the future in store with three daughters. This happens each year as we approach the back-to-school gauntlet. We probably jumped too far ahead, thinking about how we have to teach them how to protect themselves from mean girls and aggressive boys. Before I knew it we were talking about the girls driving....more

Where are all the Black Babies? Abortion, Eugenics & Genocide

I don't normally address political or controversial issues outside of the parenting arena. My writing centers on connection and communication in parent/child relationships as well as infant, children, and family issues. However, when in my research I discover something that negatively impacts those that I've made it my life's mission to serve, especially someth...more

Effects of Abortion

We have heard for years that abortion is simply the discarding of a ...more

Vomit *International Pro-Life Memorial and National Life Center* Vomit

My aunt wondered why I had not blogged about the incident in which two female lawmakers were censured for saying the word "vagina" when speaking up for abortion rights in their state capitol. In part, the reason was because everyone who cares about reproductive freedom and rights already blogged about it, and I had nothing to add. Lately, this is why I have not been ranting about all the horrendous bullshit that is happening around reproductive rights, particularly abortion access. For a long time, very few people were saying bupkes, so speaking out was important. ...more