A Thank You Note, on the Death of Your Daughter.

My chiropractor and his wife had a baby girl last week.  She lived for 7 1/2 hours, and then died.  Hubby and I spent the last week not knowing this.  We only knew that she had been born and that there were complications, and that it was not good.   I got to my appointment today and found out the rest....more

Schrödinger's... pregnancy?!

There are plenty of "dumb laws" - many of which are weirdly funny or, at worst, warrant an eyeroll or a shake of the head - and then there are laws so bizarre and over-the-top crazy they make one wonder if certain lawmakers have lost their ever-loving minds. Case in point: ...more
 @alphabetsalad I know what you meant.more

The War on Women: Government

Let’s imagine for a moment that the women of this country are denied access to birth control and that abortion is no longer an option. We now live in a country where any woman who becomes pregnant has to give birth to that child, regardless of circumstance. How would that affect the country?...more

The War on Women: The Economy

One of the most confusing points conservatives make regarding women’s rights in The United States is the one of cost. The idea that it is too costly to make birth control easily accessible or free is convoluted. A responsible woman who knows using protection is a better alternative to unwanted pregnancy should be denied birth control just because she can’t afford it? Sex is a natural part of being human. By their 19th birthday, seven in ten female and male teens have had intercourse....more

The War on Women: Religion

I live in a country that I appreciate because we are allowed some freedoms many countries are not. In my country, women without means have access to birth control. Women can terminate a pregnancy if necessary without threat of being criminalized or having to risk an illegal procedure that can be life threatening and dangerous. These rights are under attack. It has been proposed that abortion be made illegal, that our government shouldn’t pay for birth control....more
Recently, Melinda Gates personally threw her weight (and part of the Foundation's billions) ...more

We're Not Sorry. Still.

By Jennifer Baumgardner, cross-posted from On The Issues Magazine.Just over eight years ago, I decided to make a T-shirt that said "I had an abortion." It was not just a shirt, but a campaign -- I wanted to find ways for women to have the space to say, "I had an abortion and you know what? I'm not sorry. I don't feel bad about it."...more

Dear Arizona, How Can This Be Legal?

Imagine this…You are a pregnant women going through all of your routine prenatal testing and along the line your provider finds a life threatening fetal abnormality that could be fatal to you, or your unborn child. And they overlook it and don’t notify you of it.Sounds like a scene from a bad movie right?...more

War on Women.

Every time the Presidential elections show their ugly faces. One party always seems to get by through the singling out and vilifying of one group or another in this great country. Typically gay marriage would be the hot topic of right wing assault but with more states going "pro gay" this year with pro gay marriage legislation. the war seems to be on women. Abortion is not a new political talking point but 2012 is quickly turing out to be the year of mass uterine hysteria....more

The Power of Theater: "Words of Choice" Touches Hearts

By Alexis Greene, cross-posted from On The Issues Magazine.Words of Choice first emerged as a theatrical performance in the late 1990s when Cindy Cooper, its creator, was working as the Communications Director at the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy (now the Center for Reproductive Rights) in New York City....more

The "New" Abortion?

Australian "ethicists" argue that women should also have the "right" to kill their newborns if they're not "perfect" or could be a hinderance to the family. They argue that this is merely a new form of "abortion".  ...more