On Writing: Women Writing as Men

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Ten useful writing tips from a frustrated editor


Write it Away

This morning I woke upset, after a sleep punctuated by nightmares. I have, over these past six months, tried to write away my disappointment and disillusionment, and in the main succeeded. This is another attempt to write some of it away...Read more here...more

10 First Lines of Novels with Third Person Narration

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10 First Lines of Novels with First Person Narration

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On Writing: Themes

Diane Doubtfire in 'The Craft of Novel Writing' starts with the theme - what the story is about, not the plot but what it is that concerns the writer, the subject of the the novel, like 'lonliness, revenge, betrayal, self discovery', and whatever the writer wants to say about it (p.1).More in On Writing: Themes...more

It might not be happening right now, I'm just now writing it.

Every word I write is a beat of my heart It makes my heart smile when someone reads the words I pen and they resonate with them in some way. I feel blessed when they respond, when I realize the message I intended to convey came across as I'd hoped it would....more

Finding My Voice

What is my writing voice? Do I have one? These are questions that writers ask themselves a lot, as a voice is something we need to develop. But the bigger question is, how do we develop that voice?I’m not entirely sure. I’ve done some reading on it (Linda Formichelli and Carol Tice give great writing advice, on this and other topics), and I try to play with certain techniques, but I’m never sure if I’ve really developed my own voice or not....more

Blank Pages

I started the day with a blank page. Literally. I opened a new document to start my post this morning and at the end of the day, there it sat, not a word on it.I struggle sometimes, as you all may as well, with how to get the words from my heart on to the page. There is always something rolling around but not always ready to be communicated.So today, I will leave it to a few words, rather than force what isn't ready to be said.Love,Jesi...more

How the Publishing World Has Allowed Bad Writers to Flourish

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So true, and so disheartening.I was a reader from as far back as I have memory, and I will never ...more