Happiness is a state of mind

If I read this post title two weeks ago, a couple things would happen. 1) I wouldn’t believe I wrote it, and 2) I’d gag. Okay, a fake gag, for emphasis, you know?If you know me personally, you know I’m not one for positive thinking. This is both because of faulty neurochemistry (dopamine, I’m looking at you) and that I’ve made observant complaining my thing....more
I admit, I am also a pessimist.  It is a difficult road to travel and a terrible habit in my ...more

Voting is the mantle or roses

And so the day has come.  The day millions of men and women including our founding mothers and fathers have given their lives for.  The day our right to vote is set upon us as a mantle of roses around our necks.   For no matter who you vote for, Republican, Independent or Democrat, you and I, the nation as a whole, are winners.  We shine before the world. ...more


    The Emancipation Proclamation was presented to Congress by President Abraham Lincoln in September 1862, to take effect on January 1, 1863. However, the slaves in Texas didn't know about their freedom until two and one-half years later--on or about June 19, 1865--after the end of the Civil War.  Image Credit: HumanRightsSC, via Flickr...more

Lincoln "Log Cabin" Sandwiches

What do you do to celebrate Lincoln's Birthday or President's Day? Hit the sales? Ignore it? I have always wanted to do something a bit more special. In fact, this is what I have wanted to do: Celebrate with Lincoln Log Cabin Sandwiches. ...more

President’s Day 2011: Holiday Or Snow Day?

Who is Being Honored on President's Day?<...more

Why Appearances Matter--and Corrupt

In response to pasionate comments both pro and con on my previous post, What Did Sarah Learn?", I have been thinking a lot about why it matters that Sarah Palin uses her looks, her cutesy down-home phrases, her flirty moves. All politicians use whatever it is they've got to appeal to voters, after all. ...more

Thanks for telling it like it is! :)