3 Ways to See Central America While Working

If they could, some people would travel forever. They would enjoy the cherry blossoms of Asia in the spring, bike through cool European summers, and lie on Central American beaches in the winter. The desire to travel isn’t the problem — the lack of money is. Most people are limited by the number of vacation days allowed by their jobs or the funds in their bank accounts. However, there are plenty of opportunities to travel and earn money — especially in Central America. Here are a few examples....more

Keeping up with the California Girl in me.

WHEN you take off on an adventure, visit new worlds,  study abroad, you never know life's unexpected destination.    ...more

Girl Meets BlogHer

Once I wrote about my intentions for my future. My future plans?...more

American Voters Abroad

I'm still on the mailing list for Democrats Abroad, and even though I don't live overseas anymore, I do think it's interesting to follow what they're up to. Just because you're out of the US doesn't mean you have to miss the election - and folks like Dems Abroad and their counterpart, Republicans Abroad, do a great job of keeping voters up to date on what they need to do to take part in the great experiment we call democracy. ...more

I mailed my absentee ballot this week. Although I feel like I'm missing out a little bit on ...more