Workout Wednesday

This weeks' #WorkoutWednesday is all about those abs! We love to hate ab workouts. This workout is short but tough. If you stick with me through the 15-ish minutes of torture below, I promise you will feel awesome the rest of the day! ...more

Monday Move: Ab Twist

 Crunches get all the attention but we all know that you can't ignore your obliques. Ab twist are one of my favorite ways to work my waist. You can do this move with or without a medicine ball or dumbbell....more

My Stomach

My stomach feels hard and lean (at least this is what I experience mentally as I suck in my gut that has done 8 minutes a day of sit ups for almost two weeks)But then I look in the mirror and there is no difference whatsoever.I admit that I was a bit amazed and quite a bit disappointed.  It seems like all that work should start showing up, but two weeks in the body of a fat body doesn't really have much to show.  But I shall continue. ...more
Doing sit ups with toddlers around (who assume you are on the ground to serve as their own ...more

best ab workout ever? most likely.

this is slightly terrifying but I'm totally gonna try it....more
Oh my god... that looks terrifying. Which is probably why we should do it!more

Inspired by Abs of a Stranger

 What inspires you?Some of us are inspired by other people (models, actors, friends). Others are inspired by objects such as money and other material possessions. When you take a step back and look around you, whatever it is you are envious of (whether it’s other people or things), know that you hold a burning desire deep within you to have it! It’s a sign you are on the right path to knowing what you really want!...more
@victorias_view Thank you for the feedback. I agree, it is inspiring to see others work their ...more

6 Weeks to 6 Pack Review

Rain rain go away! I wanted to run this morning but we are under a severe thunderstorm warning until this afternoon, so I don’t know if that will be happening! It’s raining and thundering but not too windy out yet, but more is coming! Let’s just say I am hanging out downstairs today! I HATE wind! Anyway, today is the dreaded day I post pictures of myself from the 6 weeks to 6 pack DVD. I have a lot I want to say and it’s all jumbled up in my head so please bear with me!...more

Valuable Driving Techniques from Racing Professionals

It’s not everyday that someone gets the opportunity to really have fun with the car that he or she drives. Can you remember the last time you drove your car just for fun? Last month, GM invited me to attend its Pontiac Portfolio Drive at the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving where I was able to learn valuable driving techniques from racing professionals as well as drive several cars from the Pontiac showroom. The idea here was to have fun with these cars and see what they can do as well as what I, as a driver, can make them do. ...more

The 30 Day Ab Challenge!