Art in Cullman, Alabama

I am S.A., a visual artist located in Cullman, Alabama. ...more
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Ava's rainbow

So I was thinking about ways to teach Ava her colors without actually sitting her down and teaching them to her. Letting her learn them naturally. I can't remember how I taught Jack but he knew a handful of colors by the time he was 18 months old (he also knew his shapes, could count to 10 and was beginning to identify letters, and knew right from left by the time he was two, he's a smart kid :D) Anyway, then I remembered I simply colored some papers and told him what colors they were when he asked and would ask him to tell me in return. ...more

Spring Break Painting

I have been thanking my lucky stars this week because it is SPRING BREAK.  This means that we are all off!   We have been playing at the park, riding our bikes, and running around like crazy.  I can't believe that it is already Wednesday.  These free days go way too fast. And today, unfortunately, Kale is sick.  So today we stayed home.  Poor little guy slept all day....more