Cardamom Plum Cakes

  No plum trees here in the UAE (that I know of), only palm trees!  Most of our plums are imported from Spain.  The problem is that I think the process of getting a Spanish plum on a boat and down to th...more

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Mugg & Bean Review

I found the Mugg & Bean while zomatoing (oh, I made up a verb!) breakfast locales in Abu Dhabi. Breakfast is myFAVOURITE meal of the day and it had pretty good reviews. Apparently there are a few locations around the city, we choose to go to the Abu Dhabi Mall location as it's not far from our home....more

Celebrating Islamic New Year with Mocktails

The other night, schedules finally meshed, and a friend and I arranged to meet for a drink at a hotel near the soccer field where our kids were having practice together. It's been one of those ridiculous logistics things - the night that I could have a drink, she's busy, and vice versa....more
Thanks for the sneak peek into Abu Dhabi's alcohol policies, very interesting!  I think your ...more

My Top 6 Prediction for the Abu Dhabi F1 Race

I really hope the combination of DRS & Pirelli tyres make this weekend's race a good one! Otherwise it might be a bit of a snoozefest.1. Vettel2. Button3. Alonso (presuming he doesn't get stuck behind Petrov!)4. Webber5. Hamilton6. SutilI didn't think I'd done that well last time out but I've shot up the standings to a nose-bleed inducing 55! Fingers crossed I can win this weeks prediction & get up into the top 50 :)...more

Mega-Museums in Abu Dhabi -- cultural imperialism in reverse?

In museums, who gets to represent whose culture? It's an old question that in the U.S. tends to play out most publicly when Native American patrimony and culture are displayed in museums. When such cultural controversies become global, often ownership comes into question--who really owns the Elgin Marbles, for example? ...more

Hi Leslie -- thanks for a provocative post.  Since I head out to Abu Dhabi next week for a tour ...more