The First Time My Husband Hit Me...

I overheard a conversation one day at a restaurant, a woman said to her friend “if my husband ever lays a hand on me, I’m gone.” I can only assume they knew someone who was being abused and were referring to that situation as she offered up her opinion.Funny thing, I’ve always had the same opinion. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve said the same thing, until it happened to me....more
Thanks for writing this. I went through something similar before leaving him, and i only told ...more


When Heaven Is a Horse(Flickr/Robin1966) It is you Billy, I miss most of all.Know that when my time here is through and my afterlife begins, it is you I will seek over all others; you I will run to first....more

Is Bullying a Form of Abuse?

 2.5 minute readAfter having experienced both abuse and bullying in my life, I realized that abuse felt a lot like being bullied and being bullied felt a lot like being abused. So, I began to wonder if it is fair to say that bullying is a form of abuse?...more

If Your Partner Treats You Badly

Do you live with someone who hurts you? Maybe your spouse or partner hits you. Maybe this person likes to twist your arm, pinch you, or pull your hair. Maybe he or she threatens violence as a way of controlling your behavior, preventing you from speaking your opinions or asking for what you want, or preventing you from leaving. Has this person shown you a knife or a gun in order to control you? Has he or she threatened to cripple or kill you? ...more

When Enough is Enough: Letting Toxic Relationships Go

I'm deciding to write about a topic that I've kept bottled up inside for a very long time and very few people know about it. It is very uncomfortable to speak about, however, I feel as though I need to put it out there....more
I really like that you shared something so personal.more

The Cycle

Thursday, November 5What is the most important lesson you learned as a child, and who taught it to you?---------"Everyone will hurt you. But you being hurt does not justify hurting others in return."You do not have to tell meAbout the pain, the hurt, the liesI know all about these thingsI feel it too, I empathizeI know his hands reach outIn anger he marks your faceI know the pain, the bruisesThe marks that makeup can't erase...more

Truths of the Heart

All my life, I've "felt" things. I've never spoken (or in this case, written) these words out loud except to two people, but on the day I got married, my intuition was screaming that I shouldn't go through with it. I got married at 2 PM on October 23, 1993, and I left the house at 10 AM to get pantyhose. I took one of the backroads to the store and on the way back, something inside said, "Keep going!" I heard that thing at least four times....more

The Sunflowers Bow Their Heads

I was a thin, dirty-blonde haired girl of 12 when I first met him.He was everything the infinite, whimsical imagination of a young girl could ever hope for. Strong, lean and eyes a deep, soothing brown. His hair was a fiery chestnut and when the sun would answer my prayers and shine its rays upon his locks, they glistened like a new copper penny.That butterflies-in-a-bottle feeling in my stomach that arose with the very thought of him never left me. Just his footfalls moving steadily and eagerly toward me set my head and heart reeling....more

Run from These Three Guys

When I started dating, my life felt like a Fellini movie.  I’d been with one person for thirty-two years, so going out was shiny and hyper-real.  But after a while, dating became sitting around Starbucks listening to some guy in software sales lament his failed relationships.  (240 calories per 16 oz chai latte.)...more