Sexual Assault: Years Later, It Still Hurts

As a child, whenever you were outside playing and fell off your bike, or fell down as you were running down the block…chances are you ran inside crying, where your mom or dad would say: "What happened? Where does it hurt?" Chances are, a little antiseptic a Band-Aid and a hug (and a little nudge) to get back out there and play is enough to dry your tears and get back in the game. ...more
O very well said. All of it. Right on. And I am sorry you suffered this kind of abuse as a ...more

Finding my inner self esteem

After over 40 years of feeling miserable about myself, I have decided to focus this next year to develop my inner self esteem. While highly successful with a wonderful family, I struggle with caring for and about myself. I have been given all the tools to do so and I have struggled to ale care of myself. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, verbal and emotional abuse. After years of punishing myself, I finally have stopped drinking like a fish, making bad decisions with men, and spending money. However, now I need to rebuild my inner self....more

Facing YOUR truths.

Forever 17...more

Why Did You Stay?

It has taken me years to get to the point where I could openly address the violence I endured as a late teen. Of course people within my inner circle learned after my life careened off the road like an out of control speeding car, my family, my friends they were my 911 call. They learned that for years I had been cloaked in a veil of silence. They learned that in reality I had been a victim of an out of control situation, and they learned that I had been powerless against the fast moving dynamic called the cycle of violence....more

Changes In My Life

Last time I tried to blog here, my computer kept freezing, and after three tries, I gave it up. That was when Poet/Punk Rocker Jim Carroll died, one of my punk poet idols. Instead, I posted as Chirichica on my Postmodern Prometheus blogspot. I felt compelled to respond, to say something about Jim's passing. I Twittered comments, and blogged as my alter ego. I was sad, so very sad, that Jim Carroll died. But he lived hard for a time, and I suppose it caught up with him at sixty....more