A Little Golden Book of Recovery: On Saturday Mornings We Play in the Garden

“Saturday. Cartoon Day,” she whispers me awake each Saturday morning. I don’t know why she whispers. I am the only one here. I try to ignore her but she whispers again, “Saturday.” ...more

Real (Healed) Men Don't Hit

I found myself in a shoving match in an online forum recently. I’m guessing the other party—who insisted other women butt out from discussing a husband’s hands-on-wife’s throat incident in the press until the victim weighed in—had no frame of reference about domestic violence. Instead of just being grateful of that fact and allowing others to share their experience and support, she went on the offensive. ...more


Perspective--in case of (self-pity) emergency, I break this out

Something I wrote a while ago that I use to remind myself that if this is as good as it gets, it is more than enough:                       PERSPECTIVEI used to have Mikimoto pearls but now I don’tI used to have a  new SUV but now I don’tI used to have a white picket fence but now I don’tI used to have blue & white china but now I don’tI used to have a poor sense of self but now I don’tI used to have a diamond ring but now I don’t...more
@JMRavenscroft Me too, ha. Perspective is a powerful tool. (Use it or lose it.)more

Mom's Home

Being unemployed is a full-time job, but is very rewarding.When I was working full-time, I would drag myself out of bed at 6:30 and bust ass to be at my desk just blocks from home just in time to be late.I loved my job, too. It wasn’t like I had a dread of going, it just took forever to get ready every morning because I had to dress myself and that’s simply not in my skill set. I had a walk-in closet then too nearly as big as my bedroom now so it wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to wear, I just rarely felt like wearing anything I had.Bother....more
Gotta say, I love your attitude in this post. :)more

Facing YOUR truths.

Forever 17...more

The Children Are Back!

My memory was fractured in early childhood. I have always been able to recall with great clarity the house and neighborhood in which I grew up. We moved in when I was four and live there until the summer after I turned seventeen. To this day I can close my eyes and take a detailed tour through our two-story home and up and down the street. However, until recently no people animated this inner playback. No parents, no siblings, no one –and our block was filled with children I played with as a child....more

12-Year Apart Twins

My twin and I were born twelve years apart in two different states from two different sets of parents. Well… other than that, we share so many “coincidences” you’d think we are twins. We are constantly amazed at our similarities. About the same height with fine hair and blue eyes, we share any number of likes and dislikes. We hate shoes and kick them off whenever possible; cannot stand turtleneck sweaters –in fact dislike wearing anything around our neck....more

My Definition of Amazing

And there I sat… In the cold metal chair, the sound of them being bumped and shuffled as people settled in, and the sounds of string instruments being tuned. My phone vibrated, Hair on my arms raise slightly because I have to take my eyes off the door I’ve been staring at anxiously,(txt) “Where are you”… HUGE sigh of relief… He is the first to arrive, everything from this point on will be okay..(txt) “Gymnasium, Front row”… and my eyes fly back to the door, There he is… I wave him over. I Love him for a ridiculously long list of reasons, but tonight I love him for being here....more

Somewhere in the Middle?

Should I have expectations or keep hold of hope? Expectations are bound to disappoint while hope can strengthen a weary heart. But then as Proverbs points out, “hope deferred makes the heart sick”. Shall I continue to seek out safe places in this world or should I seek to be one?...more