Learning to write...

Learning to write. I was good at it when I was younger…much younger. But I think I might be able to relearn the skill. I think I need to. I want to help other survivors. There are so many ways I could do that, and I’m still figuring out that path....more

It Shouldnt Hurt to be a Child

I'm a huge child advocate and Ive seen first hand how our kids are hurt and abused physically and mentally by the ones that are suppose to protect them, their parents. I know that it is the holidays and a time to rejoice and prepare for Christmas. I am blessed and my daughter is blessed. But somewhere their is a child who is being beaten to death or being sexually abused. I pray for them and continue to stand up for them and be the voice that their abusers scare them from using....more

When Staying Isn’t an Option: Tips for Identifying an Abuser and Leaving an Abusive Relationship

Sleeping with the Enemy  When I think of an abusive relationship, I think of the movie Sleeping with the Enemy starring Ju...more

This is a great article. Thank you for sharing. I think it's hugely important to have your ...more

Women Stay

Women stay.  Not all women, of course, there are some who break away, who take off despite the risks, who take the first step in liberating themselves from a violent situation and bettering their lives.  But the fact remains that too many (even one is too many, but we're talking thousands, millions, of women) stay in abusive relationships.Many see no alternative, or the alternative they do see seems even worse than where they are.  Those who have children are in an even more precarious position.  They fear for their children's wellbeing, both while they remain in...more

The Quest for Peace on Earth: Domestic Violence & the Holidays

Missing Boys I recently read a heart wrenching story about three young brothers from Michigan who are now missing after a court-ordered visit with ...more

We're Not Gonna Take It: Anti-Bullying Laws Leaving Kids Unprotected

Welcome to Kindergarten I'm angry. Not just a little angry, but really angry....more

Recognize and stop subtle abuse

The put downs may be overt or subtle or even couched in sweet talk and they make you feel a bit crazy and start to doubt yourself....more

Forever 21

This morning finds me unsettled, jumpy, worried about things that I know are up to the fates and ultimately out of my control and that I only have the power to be proactive about.  I try very hard not to succumb to the worry, the what-if's in this life, because there is already so much of that surrounding me. With this state comes a reminder this morning, via Facebook, that today is Kristin's birthday.Kristin, who will forever remain 21....more

The Dragon Slayer

Remember my mother, the dragon slayer?  Some years ago, she became a foster parent, after she was already a single mother, already a grandmother, and already struggling to recover financially from two disastrous marriages.  She found in herself enough love and enough strength to make a home for children whose parents could no longer care for them.  For $25 a day....more

Best Revenge After Leaving an Abusive Marriage

One might think that the best revenge after leaving an abusive marriage includes candles, incense, sacrificing a small animal, bumping into the ex with a VERY handsome man on your arm, or, um well, something illegal...but it's NOT.  The best revenge is getting your life back in order, as fast as you can, to show that he no longer has any power over you and your decisions.  As part of the "month from hell", he forced me to resign from a fulltime, permanent position I held at a university...who on ...more

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