Rihanna Steps Out From Under the Umbrella-ella-ella of Silence, Says She's Not Just a Victim

“This happened to me…it can happen to anyone,” singer Rihanna told ABC’s Diane Sawyer in an exlusive interview about her relationship with Chris Brown last week. ...more

Oprah Winfrey''s Double Standard on Domestic Violence

I am not an Oprah fan….. ...more

Run Life Your Way: Remembering Kristin Mitchell

At 21, Kristin Mitchell had her entire life ahead of her. She had a brand new college degree from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. A family bursting with pride, with love. A wonderful job lined up with General Mills.And she had a boyfriend who killed her - three weeks after this photo was taken. ...more

Mother of Boy Locked in Closet has Previous Record

LaRhonda Marie McCall, 37, first made news this year because her 14 year old son had escaped from his home and informed police that he had been abused. McCall had basically kept her son a prisoner for 4 1/2 years. He was kept mostly in his bedroom closet and was not sent to school. Neighbors were not aware of his existence....more

Stand Firm

Stand: To rise to an upright position on the feet; assume or maintain an upright position; remain valid, sound, or durable. Firm: With resolute determination. ...more

A Picture of Abuse - Me

I am a 51years young disabled domestic violence survivor starting college next week from my bedside.  I was severely beaten for close to ten years. ...more

Sexual Abuse/Assault Survivors' Credo

We are MaleWe are FemaleWe are African AmericanWe are CaucasionWe are AsianWe are Native AmericanWe are EuropeanWe are TallWe are ShortWe are ThinWe are OverweightWe are StraightWe are GayWe are BisexualWe are TransgenderedWe are Left-BrainedWe are Right-BrainedWe are SingleWe are MarriedWe are in a Committed RelationshipWe are Dating AroundWe like to have SexWe don't like to have SexWe went to CollegeWe didn't go to CollegeWe Work ...more

Florida man suspected of raping pit bull

An Ocala, Fla. man is suspected of raping a female pit bull, and the sexual assault left her clinging for life in the emergency room, the owner says. Melissa Young, 25, found her pit bull named Diamond profusely bleeding “like you turned a faucet on, running out of her,” she told WCJB. ...more

Mending Fences

As children, we grow up with our siblings and friends. We go to school, play in the schoolyard or park, and have play-dates in the houses of our schoolmates. For many it is a carefree environment filled with fun and adventure. By the time I was 10 years old, that carefree attitude ended. My mother thought I was old enough to walk my seven and a half year old brother to school by myself. It was only a five-block walk and, according to mom, there would be other moms walking their kids to school that knew both of us. ...more