Violence UnSilenced

The past forty-eight hours have been exhilarating. They've been exhausting. They've been heartbreaking, and triumphant. I'm a mother of two daughters and I almost feel as if I've just given birth again and, in a way, I have. The baby is named Violence UnSilenced. ...more


Violence against women has existed since the dawn of mankind. The barbaric actions of Chris Brown spotlight his undeveloped and insecure nature and should be looked on as an opportunity to learn and grow. As Moms we represent the highest power! We are born leaders to our children, the choices we make lead to the Chris Browns or a man like Barack Obama. My thoughts go to Rihanna and her Mom whose arms she’s in. ...more

Almost worse than Twilight


Proving My Point

Dear Principal of Elementary School My Son Currently Attends, ...more

I Will NEVER Accept Neglect as a Family Value Again

I stood in the small clearing where my father-in-laws dilapidated camper sits, staring in open disgust at the filth surrounding it. My sister-in-law, N and her three children had spent the summer there. Oh, N didn't sleep in the camper with her children. The camper leaked badly and had a severe mold problem. Her oldest, a deeply emotionally disturbed boy, 10 years old and on Zoloft wet the bed he shared with his brother and sister nearly every night. N slept in her car parked behind the camper, but evidence of their stay this year was everywhere. ...more

Madonna Verbally Abused? Is No One Safe?

Can I just say: Oh My God! Is no one safe? Even taking into consideration that Madonna and her lawyers are preparing her custody case and are building her husband up as an abusive man—Oh My God! Madonna claiming that she was verbally abused. Is no woman safe? Or, why are so many men incapable of dealing with strong, independent women—one at a time, of course? From the Mail Online, October 17: ...more

I was married for 21 years. I did not take the decision to end my marriage lightly, but there ...more

It's Hard to Keep It Up

It’s getting harder and harder to keep up my positive attitude. There comes a point when even the most bright-eyed and bushy-tailed among the cheery crowd needs to drop the pretense that willing it, visualizing it, focusing on it, breathing about it, and sending out positive vibes will not move Reality Mountain. That is where I am right now. The wall I have been trying to move appears to be immovable. Have I failed in correctly visualizing? Have I not breathed correctly to allow my positive thoughts to impact the universe? ...more

Last night I laughed and cried at the same time. It's so absurd. Why has this happened, how ...more

Slime: A Definition

My mother and I have developed a term to refer to mr. ex and a whole host of his behaviors: slime. If he does it, it’s sure to be slime. But slime is not just a behavior; it is a state of mind. Slime refers to any man (no stories have surfaced of female slime) who abdicates his responsibilities as a parent and a decent human being once divorce looms. Slime is a man who makes you ashamed of the “I love you’s” you once uttered. ...more

Honor. Really?

I will admit it: I occasionally read the gossip column, and I peruse gossip magazines at the supermarket and any waiting room that I am, well, waiting in. If it’s about people’s lives, then I’m interested. ...more

You have to wonder if the doors stay closed because no one is listening when they are opened. ...more

Teen Girls in Abusive Relationship

We at strive to empower girls/women and are sadden by the below art ...more

It is all about the self-esteem. Not that long ago. When I was in high school, I was menatl ...more