Why I Say "I Love You" to My Children

As a mother, saying I love you to my children is something that I am very compulsive about. I am always so acutely aware of how often and in how many ways I say I love you to my children. Sometimes, when one has compulsion, it’s important to lay the compulsion flat, on a page, smooth it’s edges and wrinkles to read the words of memory that are scrawled in pencil, smudged by thumbs and yellowed with time. Couple this with deep reflection and a generally introspective nature, and you’re in for some serious psychoanalysis (of the amateur kind, because I ain’t no doctor). ...more
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Cherry Red Walls and Normal

Three months and three weeks ago. I left. I blogged about staying in hotels and on friends’ couches and in their basements. I blogged about living out of my trunk- an assortment of suitcases and boxes of graham crackers and granola bars and apples. I wrote about this being a better alternative to living somewhere where I needed to call the police but was terrified to make that embarrassing phone call.  ...more

When Abuse is Called Criticism

Recently, a beautiful young woman who I admire greatly has been getting more than her fair share of harassment from someone online. Out of respect for her, I won't provide links to her page, unless she'd like me to, but it does bring up an ongoing issue in the creative world. Abuse being called criticism....more

Tips for Promoting the Sexual Safety of Young Children

Last week, I attended a workshop titled, “The TALK: Talking to Adults, Listening to Kids – Realistic Strategies for Promoting the Sexual Safety of Young Children.” Sponsored by a parenting group in a nearby town, the speaker, Nora Shine, PhD, was a psychologist, experienced in dealing with child survivors of abuse and trauma. ...more
Very good, specific information!   Level of parental supervision is highly correlated to risky ...more

The Tragedy of Living Your Life Facing Backwards


Dating Red Flags: Desensitization to Seething Anger

Originally published on ChapterTK.comI don’t know what teenager TK thought she’d get out of prom night. She was never the type of girl who fit into the stereotypical high school mold. She looked at the world differently than many of her peers yet, for some reason, prom was important to her. It was an experience she’d only get twice. Her thought process was that, even if it sucked, she’s have the experience. What was one more night of potential horror after all her years?...more

Dating Red Flags: Obsession, Anger and Control

Originally posted on ChapterTK.comWe left young TK last week scared and unsure of her next action. Out of misguided sympathy, she had decided to continue dating a man whom she didn’t like and who treated her poorly until two weeks after from. Having made this decision in late March, this meant at least another month and a half of dating....more

Before 'No': The Line Between Rude and Assult

Originally posted on ChpaterTK.com I was afraid to hit publish on yesterday’s post. Everything in the story made sense to share, but the part of the groping bothered me. This was partly due to the fact it remains an uncomfortable memory for me and because I was afraid of reader reaction....more

If It Hurts Too Much to Stay... Leave

If you find yourself lying to everyone that everything is fine, and having to put on a smile, you need to leave.If you find yourself trying to breathe so quietly that the covers don’t move because it will enrage him, you need to leave.If you find yourself nodding in agreement when he says that the hole in the wall is where he slipped, knowing full well that he hit it during a rage, you need to leave.If you find yourself cut off from everyone who really knows you because you cannot look them  in the eye anymore, you need to leave....more
This was one of the most emotional posts I have ever read on the subject on abusive ...more


There really is no other way to begin, no way to delicately, or eloquently discuss the exact situations that led me to my decision-making today. That led me to never, ever become a victim – again. But therein lies the rub.  Sometimes you don’t know it’s happening. It’s the true nature of victimization. When someone’s motivations are so inauthentic, or so contradictory to your own nature, it becomes difficult to question, nay recognize, what you are seeing happening right in front of you....more