Before 'No': The Line Between Rude and Assult

Originally posted on I was afraid to hit publish on yesterday’s post. Everything in the story made sense to share, but the part of the groping bothered me. This was partly due to the fact it remains an uncomfortable memory for me and because I was afraid of reader reaction....more

If It Hurts Too Much to Stay... Leave

If you find yourself lying to everyone that everything is fine, and having to put on a smile, you need to leave.If you find yourself trying to breathe so quietly that the covers don’t move because it will enrage him, you need to leave.If you find yourself nodding in agreement when he says that the hole in the wall is where he slipped, knowing full well that he hit it during a rage, you need to leave.If you find yourself cut off from everyone who really knows you because you cannot look them  in the eye anymore, you need to leave....more
This was one of the most emotional posts I have ever read on the subject on abusive ...more


There really is no other way to begin, no way to delicately, or eloquently discuss the exact situations that led me to my decision-making today. That led me to never, ever become a victim – again. But therein lies the rub.  Sometimes you don’t know it’s happening. It’s the true nature of victimization. When someone’s motivations are so inauthentic, or so contradictory to your own nature, it becomes difficult to question, nay recognize, what you are seeing happening right in front of you....more


Walter shifted in his seat and leaned in closer, so Rusty could hear when he spoke under his breath.“We have a situation.”“I’ll say, “his brother smiled, his dazzling whites shining as he looked around the room, “you were supposed to break her.”Walter shook his head, “I couldn’t, I just – I had to be three sheets to the wind to even think about going down there.”Rusty shook his head in disgust. “It’s the only way, brother.”...more

Murder and Forgiveness

For now we see in a mirror...more
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Selfish Bitch

I’m at the point in my writing where the fantasy and reality have intersected. This must happen to every writer, as we are all inspired by real life experiences.   However, in trying to finish this book, I’ve been dealing with how much of my own life to reveal – and how much to keep secret. Do we, as writers, have a responsibility to our families and our friends as we reveal our perspective on things? I know that my life has been a fucking heartbreaking nightmare – why would I want to stir up things that I cannot change?Because I can’t be the only one....more
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*This* Is Why I'm Starting My Memoir Next Year

In Linda Gray Sexton’s memoir, Searching for Mercy Street – My Journey Back to My Mother, Anne Sexton, (yes, she is poet Anne Sexton’s daughter) she introduces the memoir by offering her readers what the memoir did for her personal growth, after dealing with trauma....more

Romeo and Juliet , Antony and Cleopatra, Bruce and Kris...what?

Fortunately, last night, I was watching the “E” news channel and saw that Kris and Bruce Jenner are NOT going down in history with the fore-mentioned love duos. They are separating. YAY! I think back to Bruce Jenner in the ’76 Olympics, and recently on the E show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and shake my head at what he put his face through.He doesn’t strike me as the plastic surgery type. After seeing the series, I figured it was probably his wife Kris that talked him into it, but abuse is abuse, be it physical or verbal. ...more

International & national suicide helplines & other useful contacts

VICTIMS/SURVIVORS CONTACTS #OneVoiceBuddies - a befriending scheme with a difference! Please see the special page for this by clicking here. ...more

Some More Answers to the Spiritual Questions of Sexually Abused Children

 God never violates our boundaries...more