Some More Answers to the Spiritual Questions of Sexually Abused Children

 God never violates our boundaries...more

For Family and Friends of Abuse Survivors

How are you supporting the abuse survivor in your life?Really think about that for a moment. Perhaps you support them in your heart, but do they know that? Do they feel your support? If yes, are you sure?...more

Being a Mom

Warning:  I am a horrible writer as I have mentioned before.  I have no train of thought and tend to jumble my thoughts.  So please forgive my insanity :)  If truth be told, I wasn't given the best role model in life as far as being a mother.  As a matter of fact, I don't even like to call her Mom.  To...more

I'm a Lover, Not a Fighter...But I'll Always Fight Back.

I read a news story a few weeks ago on a man who was convicted of beating his girlfriend to death, and sentenced to 30 years in prison on a felony murder charge, and in the article, the family of the man expressed shock and anger at what they felt was “extreme and inhumane harshness” on the part of the judge in sentencing him to such an amount. They stated that the man they all knew and loved would not have beaten his girlfriend to death, and that they believed it was an unfortunate accident as a result of one-time rage....more

Claire's Accessories

Hi everyoneI am angry, my blood is boiling and I want to scream very loud!Claire's Accessories, a shop for young women/young girls is promoting and selling a Fifty Shades of Grey range.  I find this disgusting as not only are they pushing sex onto our children but more importantly promoting a range that is nothing to do with love but abuse.Yes, Fifty Shades Of Grey is abuse, Christian Grey is an abuser.  Now it isn't the sex/bdsm, I wrote The Eyes after all, what I find totally unbelievable is that women all over the world are idolising an abuser....more

New Love

i've done it! I think I made it through. I've moved past him and most of the hurt. It took new love to make me let go. I want to love my new guy so badly, i had to let go of the old crappy stuff. He has helped me. He has healed me. I can't believe I finally made it here.I'm engaged  and will be  married very soon.Chin up! More very soon.Suzi Q...more

Confession of an Abuser

In the spirit of truth I need to confess to abusing someone. Abuse of any kind is wrong whether it is physical or emotional and it’s never easy to admit to abusing someone else. In fact most people deny it to the bitter end, taking it to their grave in some cases. Nobody wants to come face-to-face with the evilness of their deeds or to see the damage their cruel behavior triggered. I need to confess and free my soul of this burden. click on the link below to read the full story ...more

Favorite quotes

I didn't leave after the first hit - A story of abuse.

A whole other lifetime ago, life was very different in our family. We didn’t have a lot of money, and things were really tight. When money is tight, so is patience, as well as everyday common decency. My then-husband (the Ex) and I thought nothing of our verbal sparring matches we held way back then. There were some nights when we screamed at each other through to the early hours of the morning. Eventually, those screaming fights escalated into something more physical....more

Brian DePalma To Direct Joe Paterno Biopic: No Silver Linings In This Playbook

Happy Valley is the title of Brian De Palma’s upcoming biopic about Joe Paterno. With extensive evidence to prove Paterno's role in covering up Jerry Sandusky’s pedophilia, doesn't a film about his life profit on the suffering of those whose truth he denied? With so many lies for the sake of his football legacy, there are no silver linings to be found in Paterno’s playbook....more
@alexash It could though. They may feel like their experience is validated somewhat. That ...more