When paying the bills is too much

I'm excited to introduce the first of several guest bloggers I have lined up for you to enjoy: Kendra. Kendra is the mastermind behind Voice in Recovery. She shares her story and walks you through recovery. She is insightful and cute. Here she talks about how if you are struggling with abuse in one area it usual permeates to other areas of life as well. Including finances. Enjoy!...more

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

You wonder where the kind loving person went? The sad news is they were never there. They might look like a monster. Like Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You might wonder "who is this person? Where did the romantic, sensitive, dashing lover go?" The sad news is, they were never there. When it comes to women and children, I am a huge advocate of educating and supporting those who need help getting through the many types of abuse women suffer every single day. ...more

My Prayer for Hamza…

                So much like my son, my beautiful miracle child, I love him so much… This is completely incomprehensible to me… You know, you give birth to these amazing souls, and watch them, despite being domesticated by society, thrive in the wildness of their beings… Traits of kindness and compassion bursting out despite what they see on video games, domestic violence, TV (in th...more

The Vulnerable Alien Wife: Beyond Mail-Order Brides

Foreigners have to fill out a million forms and file a thousand petitions when they come to the United States through marriage, but rarely are they given the required information about what their rights are or what legal recourse they have should things go terribly wrong -- and certainly never are they given a handbook about what is legally acceptable behavior in a marriage. ...more
@PolPrairieMama, there are! Please keep me posted and let me know whether I can do anything else ...more

Don't fear the SPANX honey, You're a HERO!

Today I got to go with my daughter to a sacrament meeting given by the special needs youth. She was called to be a buddy and has worked with the special needs mutual since August. I have been to three of these Sacrament meetings now, and each time I walk out to the car after crying off most of my make-up. I look pathetic, but I am smiling. ...more

I am always in the wrong place at the wrong time... I am always in the right place at the right time... Alt Titled- Im a clutz!

Inspired by my urgent care visit tonight… I bring to you yet another window into my life… From the view of an ER…. The First time I can remember having any kind of emergency service (I was actually looked over by a police and paramedic, didn’t actually go in anywhere) was when I was 10 (ish??...more


Before I get started I need to say this - I am not generally a supporter of anonymous writing. I believe quite strongly in standing behind your words, even when what you've written may not be what everyone else will support....more

Dear Losing Myself


Spilled Milk, Broken Vases… “The Day of Reckoning” continues

Canela and Dulcenia sat in the back of the dirty, acrid smelling, rickety bus, filled with all sorts of strange-looking people, and all staring with inquisitive eyes. Canela’s hands were sweating, but she would not release the lock-hold she had on Dulcenia. They sat practically frozen with fear; their hands glued together, anxiously waiting to feel the bus move and know they’ve made some distance.   “Accept today whatever the outcome is tomorrow  And know that every day is a new beginning...more

Spilled Milk, Broken Vases… continues “The Day of Reckoning”

In the dark, Canela walked to the little kitchen, searching for something…and eyed her only kitchen knife on the table, reflecting back from what little moon light came in through the window. The knife—long, wide, and sturdy—was inviting, though the tip was bent because Oracio had previously misused it to stab the table over and over…saying, “You see Canela? This is what I will do to your pretty face if you ever try to leave me. “No men will ever look at you, not scarred,” he promised....more