10 things We Wish Someone Had Told Us When We Started Graduate School

There are those lessons you learn from facing the fire and walking through it. Those things that you read and know will change the way you think about your life. This list is definitely an outpouring of the former, whether it will serve as the latter for you remains to be seen. So What Did We Wish Someone Had Told Us When We Started Graduate School?*This is partly the advice we would give ourselves if we could go back to day one, an encouragement to those of us still engaged in doctoral and masters coursework, theses, and dissertations, and a chance to express the best of what we know to those thinking about embarking on a PhD or MA program....more
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Crazy Academic=Crazy Mom?


Women in academia (especially) can't have it all

Imagine you're a single woman, and you fall in love with someone who lives in a different part of the country. Not too hard to imagine, right? Now throw this choice on top of it: Competition in your field is so fierce that jobs in your profession typically draw hundreds of applicants--and there may be only half a dozen jobs in your specialty offered on the entire continent in any given year. Do you give up your One True Career Love for your One True Love? ...more

So true--I live this reality of the conflict between following career and keeping family ...more

How to balance love and work: the case for 9 to 5

Apparently, a relationship between an academic and a non-academic is doomed from the start. ...more

Faculty self-interest trumps collegiality at the University of California

In a letter that has made jaws drop throughout the University of California system and in colleges and universities around the country, a group of 23 University of California, San Diego department chairs have called on the UC to--among other things--sacrifice campuses, specifically UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Riverside, that value teaching as well as research. ...more

In Connecticut, we are having a similar budget debate. Legislators are talking about ...more

Are universities abusive employers?

The economy sucks. You're not sure what to do, but you really enjoyed college, especially all that great stuff you read for your English major. You're thinking you should go back to school. After all, people have been predicting for more than a decade that there is a big wave of retirements coming to the professoriate soon. Should you invest the next several years in graduate school so you can become a professor? Um, no. ...more

Using clickers in the university classroom

Recently "clickers"--a remote control-like personal response system universities are adopting in droves--have (quite literally) made the news. NPR ran a story on them, and The Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription only) provided an analysis of clicker economics and a critique of their use. ...more

As the author of the clicker story in The Chronicle, let me applaud you for analyzing the ...more

Women's Studies First on the Chopping Block in Hard Times

Florida Atlantic University may be using the recession as an excuse to dissolve the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies department and its MA program.  It's true that budget cuts are very real and very big, but it's a repression of information and educational opportunity to systematically ax multicultural and gender/sexuality focused departments and programs of study.  Post-feminists are using this opportunity to use economicspeak to argue that WS has outlived its usefulness, akin to ar ...more

The academic caste system in an age of budget cuts

At the university, whose work is more valuable--a professor's or an administrative assistant's? In a time of budget cuts, should the professor--who might make vastly more than the administrative assistant--be expected to sacrifice proportionately, or should academics be immune from the slings and arrows of budgetary fortune? These and other issues have been raised these past few weeks during a wide-ranging discussion in the academic blogosphere. ...more

Scholar, blogger, journalist, and poet: Striking a balance in multiple voices

In the 11 years since I graduated from college, the one constant in my many jobs and hobbies has been writing: exhibition labels, news and features articles, poetry, blogs, scholarly essays, development (fund-raising) writing, grants, marketing collateral, website copy, a thesis, a dissertation. I have written myself into (and occasionally out of) many opportunities. I try to explain to my students the magical properties of writing to snag interesting opportunities. At the same time, however, I'm wrestling with my own identity and voice as a writer. ...more

I am a geek by day, and some of my sentences would probably ...more