Oscar Watching In Small Town USA: Fandom At The Mercy Of The Movie Decider

Do you ever feel as though you are moving backward instead of forward?  With all the hoopla leading up to the Oscars telecast this Sunday, backward is exactly what I'm feeling.Let me explain.Image via Shutterstock...more
Hey there, Nancy! Just happened to see this post hanging out at the bottom of another I was ...more

Defacing Women: Perpetrators “Need an Ass-Kicking”

Academy Award-winning best documentary short Saving Face is, on its surface, a hero's journey involving a successful native son who returns to his homeland to tackle a seemingly insurmountable social ill.The affable Pakistani-born, London-based plastic surgeon Mohammad Jawad has traveled to Pakistan ten times since 2009, volunteering his time to treat over 50 courageous women. These women - the film's real stars - have been horribly disfigured in acid attacks at the hands of abusive husbands, in-laws, and rejected suitors.But Saving Face raises larger issues about this global human rights atrocity -- and how simple endings are seldom that easy....more

And the Winners Were ...

Original post on xoxoxo eI predicted at the beginning of February who I thought would win. Here's how my picks stacked up to the actual winners. I only did the major awards and ones that interested me. I've put the winners in bold and my original predictions below.Tom Hanks opened up the proceeding by presenting two important technical awards, cinematography and art direction:...more

The Succulent Wives' Style the Oscar Nominees

We’re girls. We love the movies. We love the Academy Awards. Well, not really. We put up with them because we get to watch Hollywood glam for three (four?) hours. And, mostly, we get to do lots of backseat drivingstylin’....more

“Collateral” on DVD

"Collateral" is a 2004 thriller that is worth a look (btw, it really is a “thriller”, especially during a train ride). Tom Cruise, as “Vincent” the deadly mystery man, jumps into a cab driven by “Max”, Jamie Foxx, and the 2 of them are off on a fast night of cat & mouse games. ...more