7 Things I Didn't Know About the Oscars Until I Was In the Audience

“I need a dress!” I posted on Facebook the day the Oscar nominations were announced. My husband’s first documentary had made the list and—against all odds—we were going to the Oscars.  That was four years ago, and as the 87th Academy Awards Ceremony approaches, I feel the excitement build up again. I can hear the crowds screaming, see the glaring lights, feel the red carpet under my five-inch heels. It was every bit as glamorous as I had expected, and more. But along the way I ran into a few surprises. ...more
washtg Thank you! I'm sure you saw more of it than I did during the event. I should go back and ...more

Would You Buy A Dodge From Joan Rivers?

Apparently, Joan Rivers is the new pitchwoman for Dodge.The last time we saw Joan Rivers with a car, she was vamping in front of the Cadillac’s luxurious ELR electric coupe at the Global Green Pre-Oscar Party....more

Why ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen Should Win an Academy Award

 The 86th Academy Awards will be held this Sunday. Will you be watching?I haven’t watched the Academy Awards in their entirety since 1999. That’s the year that they voted “American Beauty” the Best Picture. I thought that movie was terrible, so I parted ways with the Oscars.That said, I do love to check out the gowns on the Red Carpet and I usually flip to the Academy Awards a few times during the night....more

Oscar Superfan Reveals Secrets From Behind The Scenes

 It’s my Christmas, Superbowl and 4th of July all rolled into one big night; The Academy Awards. My chef husband started planning last night's Oscar dinner since last year’s award show ended, my girlfriend Kim was here watch the telecast (our 20th anniversary watching together) starting with red carpet through to the last award of the night, Best Picture (ARGO!). It’ll be a night filled with good food, wine and plenty of debating styles and nominees....more
@Tinseltine As a big fan, based on your site (love your recap of the Oscars), you will have to ...more

What Were Your Most Surprising Moments At The Academy Awards?

What were your favorite happenings from the 2013 Academy Awards? Were you thrilled? Were you squirming in your seat? Maybe you didn't care one way or another, as long as the celebrity gowns looked good! Pick your best moments from the list below or tell us which ones made you want to hop on the stage for a song-and-dance number (maybe or maybe not about boobs). ...more
@BlogHer Charlize Theron's hair. But we loved her look! #beautiful #oscarsmore

Bold Lips, Glam Waves Take Home Awards Season Oscars

Hollywood wrapped up the 2013 award season last night with the biggest of them all: the Academy Awards! I have to admit I wasn't overly excited about many of the dresses on the Oscars red carpet this year, but I did find it refreshing to see so many stars taking a different approach to hair and makeup. ...more
Glam queen of the night: Charleze Theron. She was breathtakingly gorgeous.more

Haven't Had Time To Watch All The Oscar Contenders? We've Got Your Cliffs Notes!

With NINE nominees in the Best Picture category alone, it's not easy to watch every film up for an award at this year's 85th Annual Academy Awards. Tomorrow night we'll be live-tweeting the event (follow @blogherpop to play along), and I personally will be taking a shot every time host Seth MacFarlane slips in to his Stewie Griffin voice (Oscars drinking game anyone?) so expect the tweeting to get saucier as the night goes on....more
saw Armour last night and was blown away but it's Argo FTW.more

Predicting a Seth MacFarlane Win at the Oscars

“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane will host the Oscars on Sunday, and I for one am excited that despite the award show’s redundant failure in entertaining us over the past several years, this time, it’s going to be a good show....more

Which Movie Will Win Best Picture At The 85th Academy Awards?

If you're a football fanatic, you probably look forward to the Super Bowl every year. But if you're a movie fan, the big annual event is definitely the Academy Awards. On February 24th, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will celebrate their 85th Oscar fest. We will cheer as the best actors, directors and assorted film folks walk the red carpet. We will hold our collective breath as it takes them an eternity to open the magical envelope....more
I work for the DoD and currently live in Germany, so most of the nominated movies have not had ...more