Ode to Sandra Bullock

There are a few national happenings, both good and bad, that allow us to clearly put things into perspective for our children. The devastation in Haiti provided parents with the opportunity to teach their children about vulnerability, empathy and the importance of giving back. The 2010 Winter Olympics prompted us to encourage our kids to follow their dreams and that the notion of hard work and dedication is in fact tangible. Last night we were able to seize the moment for another life lesson- the lesson of humility....more

Academy Awards Red Carpet: Thoughts on Three Trends (and How They Can Work for You)

Last night was one of my favorite nights of the year: the Oscars. Not because I'm a big fan of the Academy Awards; I don't really care who wins in what category. I'm interested in the fashion rather than the films, and while I watched most of the actual awards show, it was really just to see more of what the celebrities were wearing. But it's the arrivals part of the evening that I love (and you do too, admit it). Last night's red carpet was a mix of exciting choices and old snoozers. ...more

I think the red carpet gives people a chance to really see who's really got taste in their ...more

My Oscar Experience: How I Took 50 Photos of Ryan Seacrest and Zero of Matt Damon

One would think that when going to the Academy Awards, two cameras and an iPhone would be enough. Tragically, one would be wrong. Full Disclosure: I did not get a picture of Matt Damon or Meryl Streep because they had the audacity to show up after I'd taken 75 pictures of Mary Hart and Ryan Seacrest because they were all we had for hours while we baked in the sun on aluminum bleachers and then my batteries died. All of them. Moving on! Because I'm not bitter. Much. ...more

You've made the right decision. Matt Damon has no hint of sexiness in a man. Ryan Seacrest is ...more

When John Hughes Matters Most

  I don’t know how many Oscar ceremonies I’ve seen, but this year’s was the first that made me feel something other than fat and unfashionable. I’m talking about that lengthy, complex tribute to director John Hughes, the mastermind behind Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club and the guru of my adolescence....more

It's called Don't You Forget About Me: Contemporary writers on the films of John Hughes. I've ...more

Sandra Bullock's Oscar acceptance speech is less Miss Congeniality and more repect for your fellow women

Though I was just as happy to see Jeff Bridges, The Dude, win the Oscar for "Best Actor in a Leading Role" as I was to see Sandra Bullock win the oscar for "Best Actress in a Leading Role," something about their speeches struck me. ...more

I totally agree with you, Sandra Bullock did one of the best and honest acceptance speech and ...more

Sit By Them: Snark and Celebrate the Academy Awards Show With Entertainment Bloggers

Editor's Note: Join us on Twitter during the Oscars! We're using #blogher #oscars -- bring on the Academy Awards commentary ... Hollywood is in countdown mode in preparation for the 82nd Academy Awards, airing Sunday, March 7. You can almost hear the rip of wax strips and tweezers all the way from L.A, can't you? ...more

Precious did put up a great fight. To be shortlisted is already a great achievement considering ...more

Oscars Predictions 2010: Who Should Win, Who Will Win

Hollywood's biggest night is just days away, and the question on everyone's lips in Tinseltown is, "How the hell are we going to get through the night with ten Best Picture nominations!? That's right, ladies and gents, in case you've forgotten, when it came to Best Picture nomination, this year the Academy instituted the emergency "Dark Knight rule." ...more

I think "The Lovely Bones" is a really nice and heart warming story. It lacked the dramatic ...more

My Nominations for the Opposite Oscars: Worst Movies of the Year

I don't have what is commonly referred to as a Bucket List because I think they are a smarmy blend of pretension, bean counting, cheesy self-help and, on the Internet, competitiveness for sponsorship, and who needs that mess? Plus the Bucket List movie was a time drain, which was frustratingly ironic, because no one writes "see another crappy movie" on their Bucket List. ...more

The Razzies!  Maybe I can settle by attending the Razzies,though they almost always pick ...more

Academy Awards - Actors As Multi-Taskers

Just in case you haven’t noticed, its award season again- Red Carpets, Gold Statues and lots of speeches. SAG, Directors Guild, Golden Globes, People’s Choice and of course the Academy Awards on March 7th. As it has been said, “just to be nominated is an honor” – yes, to be singled out among so many is certainly an accomplishment, but there is no denying the specialness of an actual “win”. ...more

Oscar is Still Such a Dude: Where are the Films about Women's Lives?

The nominations for the 82nd Academy Awards were announced this week, and despite a whooping 10 films nominated for Best Picture, once again Hollywood proves to be no country for old women. Or young women, really. Or at least the Best Picture nominees show us that as far as the content of Oscar-caliber films goes, the stories of women's lives don't tend to be made and don't tend to be celebrated in equity with stories about men's lives. ...more

I love your ideas for the alternative to the typical story lines, Deb. I would see those movies, ...more